A UFO expert claimed that a couple of NASA’s photos of the Moon showed a massive doorway on the lunar surface. The expert also noted that some of the photos captured a strange-looking alien vessel exiting through the doorway.

Claims regarding the gigantic doorway and alien ship on the Moon were made by Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily. He said he spotted the images as he was going through NASA’s archive photos from the Apollo program.

According to Waring, the photos he saw were taken during the Apollo 14 mission, which was officially launched in 1971. It served as the third Apollo mission to successfully land on the Moon.

As Waring was going through the photos, he noticed a black rectangular space near the upper edge of the images. At first, Waring thought the dark spaces were caused by imaging flaws. However, after inspecting the photos, Waring noticed that the part of the lunar surface surrounding the dark space was actually curbed downwards.

For the UFO expert, this suggests that the dark space was actually a massive rectangular opening on the Moon’s surface. Upon closer inspection, Waring said he saw a massive facility within the opening, which he described as a clock-shaped spaceport or dock.

In the second photo that Waring analyzed, he spotted a spherical object that appeared to be flying out of the opening. Based on the image of the object, Waring claimed that it was an alien vessel with a strange-looking design. In addition, Waring noted that the positioning of the object over the opening proves that the latter was not caused by an imaging issue.

“The second photos showed the same thing but with a disk coming out of the moon,” Waring stated on a blog post. “This UFO was sitting over the line between the dark and the light which proves that it is a real object caught in the original photo at the time this photo was taken.”

“The UFO is like nothing I have ever heard described before,” he added. “It almost seems to be put together from globs of clay. I mean if you took 200 tiny balls of clay and pushed them together they might make such a globular-like disk.”

NASA Cassini Moon South Pole
This image from NASA Cassini spacecraft, one of those acquired in the survey conducted by the Cassini imaging science team of the geyser basin at the south pole of Enceladus, was taken as Cassini was looking across the moon south pole. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute