• NASA's satellite spotted a strange object moving across the solar system.
  • The object was as big as the Moon
  • Experts believe the object was an alien vessel

UFO experts claimed that a massive alien vessel as big as the Moon is currently moving across Earth’s neighborhood. According to the experts, the alleged UFO was spotted by NASA’s solar satellite.

The strange UFO sighting was reported via YouTube by the channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0. According to the operator of the channel, the camera of NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) was able to capture a strange object moving across the Solar System on Feb. 29.

The camera, known as Stereo A, was positioned to observe the Sun. In the short clip recorded by the camera, various planets such as Earth, Venus and Mercury can be seen orbiting in the Solar System. Then, an unidentified object appears in the video and stars to move towards the planets.

Unfortunately, a couple of seconds after the strange object appeared, Stereo A begins to malfunction and the video cuts off.

Based on the video, the object appears to have a circular shape with a cross or diamond-shaped structure at its center. After watching the video and enhancing its images, Scott Waring of ET Data Base claimed that the object was an alien vessel that was traveling across the Solar System.

“Here is a really interesting video of a circular craft with a diamond-shaped center,” Waring wrote in a blog post. “It was moving through a NASA SOHO video and got caught. The UFO is there for only 4 seconds, but if slowed down, we can see its detail well.”

Based on the appearance of the object, Waring estimated that it could be about as big as the Moon or possibly even bigger. For Waring, the object proves that alien vessels are currently wandering the Solar System. He also said that NASA intentionally denies their existence to prevent the public from panicking.

“This is 100% proof that aliens are in our Solar System right now,” Waring stated. “This ship is massive, moon size or bigger and moving incredibly fast. I'm sure NASA would never mention it because if they did, they would have to tell the public the truth about aliens existing. They don't want to cause any panic.”

The Kepler Spacecraft has detected a lot of exoplanets orbiting stars in other solar systems, but its data may have just uncovered an exomoon for the first time. NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech