An infamous alien theorist has once more claimed that he has very strong evidence of alien activities outside of Earth, and this time he is saying that he has found solid proof of UFOs hovering on the surface of the Sun.

According to Scott Waring, who runs the alien-centric blog, he was able to discover what looks like a triangle-shaped UFO that seems to be moving backward, quite visible on the surface of the Sun.

"I was looking over Helioviewer and noticed that the black triangle that I reported two months ago is back. This time it has reversed its orbit of the sun. The object was moving from left to right of the screen, but now it’s moving from right to left! That should be impossible," Waring said in a post.

"It’s skimming the surface of the sun, actually touching the sun. It's about the size of earth's moon. The shape is a black triangle. I am very surprised that NASA has never mentioned this huge object on earth's southern region. This is 100% proof that aliens exist and NASA isn't doing its job," he added.

According to Waring, it is interesting to note the size of the UFO he claims to have seen since it is “as big as the moon.” He described the triangular object as quite similar to a bomber aircraft. The movement is also quite peculiar because it is not orbiting the Sun but rather hovering above it or moving at the opposite side.

This is why Waring is baffled as to why something this big is not being announced by NASA, suggesting also that the U.S. space agency is covering up the phenomenon. In his YouTube channel, Waring presented two video clips showing the triangular object last October. The second video, on the other hand, shows the spacecraft still there after a few months with a slight difference in its position. He insists that only aliens can do this movement on the Sun.

Is it possible that a living creature can survive on the Sun? Extreme heat is the most obvious concern. The sun's surface temperature is 5,726 degrees Celsius. Plus, the area that surrounds the Sun is even hotter. Given these, it is almost impossible for a living thing to survive on the Sun.

NASA, on the other hand, was able to successfully launch a solar probe proving that it is indeed possible to study the Sun up close. It has been a year since NASA's Parker Solar Probe was launched. With two close passes by the Sun already under its belt, Parker Solar Probe is speeding toward another close solar approach.

According to NASA, the spacecraft carries four suites of scientific instruments to gather data on the particles, solar wind plasma, electric and magnetic fields, solar radio emission, and structures in the Sun's hot outer atmosphere, the corona. Scientists may get information from this instrument which they can use to unravel the physics that drives the extreme temperatures in the corona. But this is a spacecraft, not a living thing.

So what could be the triangular figure that Waring saw? Could alien life actually survive on extreme heat and radiation? If the figure is indeed alien in nature, then it could only mean that alien life has advanced technology that allows them to survive extreme temperatures.

As for Waring, his theories should always be taken with a grain of salt. His theories are often out of this world and so many scientists have debunked his ideas.

Jack-o-lantern Sun
Active regions on the sun combined to look something like a jack-o-lantern’s face on Oct. 8, 2014. The image was captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, which watches the sun at all times from its orbit in space. NASA/SDO