A UFO expert has claimed that a photo NASA took on Mars shows an image of a live worm-like alien creature on the ground. The expert noted that the existence of the organism suggests that Mars could have the same soil condition as that of Earth.

The claims regarding the appearance of an alien organism on NASA’s photo was made by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. According to Waring, he came across the strange image as he was going through the photos taken by NASA’s Spirit rover during its mission on Mars.

This rover was officially launched by NASA in 2003 to explore the Martian surface. The rover’s mission ended in 2011, about a year after it lost contact with NASA.

Before the rover’s mission ended, it was able to take various photos of Mars’ landscapes and terrain. One of these photos features the rover’s landing site. According to NASA, the photo was taken on Sol 1982, which is equivalent to July 31, 2009.

As Waring was examining the photo, he spotted a strange-looking object near the edge of the image’s right-hand side. Based on the image, the object looked like a pink or flesh-colored piece of string lying between two rocks.

According to Waring, the object was actually a living alien creature that looked very similar to an earthworm. The UFO expert noted that the alleged alien organism may have crawled out from under one of the rocks featured in the photo.

“I was looking over some old Spirit Rover photo and came across something unusual,” Waring wrote on a blog post. “A tiny life form was crawling from out under a rock. It was pink and long, and looks like it’s semi-wet. It is a pink worm. I don't know how, but it’s there.”

Since Waring assumed that the object was an actual worm, he said the only way it could have survived is if Mars has the ideal soil conditions to support life, which is similar to the conditions on Earth.

“For this to exist, the soil on Mars would have to be equal to that of Earth’s,” he explained. “Where there is one...there are many. Not only is this proof that life exists on Mars, albeit small...but that the soil is being replenished by worms making the soil potentially great for farming.”

SOL 1982
Photo taken using the Spirit rover's panoramic camera. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell Univ./Arizona State Univ.