“Nashville” Season 3, episode 14 might change all of Music City for good. After Jeff (Oliver Hudson) was fired last week, Edgehill Records might collapse completely. While that seems like a good thing for Rayna (Connie Britton), she might be more focused on her friends. Deacon (Charles Esten) and Sadie (Laura Benanti) will both take some major steps forward this week, according to the episode synopsis.

Deacon finally realized that he wants to survive liver cancer. With no match for a transplant, he’ll look into alternatives. He’ll look at “a clinical trial he may be eligible for to receive alternative treatment,” according to the synopsis. Of course, he might have transplant options if he told Rayna about his illness, but it looks like Deacon will keep that to himself for as long as possible.

Rayna will be distracted by Sadie in episode 14. As Sadie spends more time in the studio, it seems Rayna will realize that Sadie has some personal problems. Sadie will finally talk about her past with domestic violence as she “opens up to Rayna about her ex-husband.”

Unlike last week, Avery (Jonathan Jackson) may actually be able to get some work done on Sadie’s album. It seems Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) will get back to work, as well. She “keeps busy by posing for a Vogue Magazine spread,” according to the synopsis. Will the shoot make Juliette self conscious about her baby bump?

Meanwhile, Scarlett (Clare Bowen) will still be under stress while Deacon is looking into new treatments. She’ll even turn back to her music to help her deal with everything, but she won’t be writing alone. “To cope with her stress, Scarlett turns to writing again and reconnects with Gunnar (Sam Palladio), who’s doing the same,” the synopsis teases. Gunnar and Scarlett haven’t sung together much since their break up, so this might finally allow them to sing duets again.

Other artists will find their careers in jeopardy. "Edgehill Republic begins to crumble along with Jeff’s career," the synopsis says. However, Jeff won't just watch everything fall apart. In the pictures and promo video below, it looks like Jeff will try to work with Edgehill artists Luke (Will Chase) and Will (Chris Carmack) to save his career.

Watch the promo video for "Nashville" Season 3, episode 14 below:

“Nashville” Season 3, episode 14, "Somebody Pick Up My Pieces," airs Wednesday, Feb. 25 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. Do you want Scarlett and Gunnar to get back together or should they keep things professional? Sound off in the comments section below!