Science and math geeks have finally found a perfect day worth celebrating in honor of the mathematical symbol Pi.

March 14, which is denoted as 3/14 in the month and date format, is widely celebrated as Pi Day in the U.S.

The day is also observed as the 133 birth anniversary of renowned physicist Albert Einstein.

March 14 is officially recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives as National Pi Day, and is considered a special day for schools to encourage the study of mathematics and science.

Pi Day was founded 24 years ago by physicist Larry Shaw who, along with his colleagues, commemorated the occasion by feasting on fruit pies and hosting several pi or pie-themed activities.

Employees at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore will be hosting a special Pi Day event involving pie-eating contests, pizza pie tossing and other pie related activities, the Associated Press said.

The world's most mysterious symbol π is the sixteenth letter of ancient Greek alphabet and is factored on a ratio which is constant for all circles.

The constant represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter of which the approximation equals 3.14. As the symbol also represents 22/7 in fraction form, many other countries celebrate July 22 as Pi Approximation Day.

Although the symbol dates back to 1900 BC, its usage was popularized only in the 18th century since its adoption by mathematician Leonhard Euler.