Pizza, arguably the most popular food around the world, is loved by people of all ages and no one is going to judge if someone grabs a slice or a whole box.

Food lovers clash over whether to eat pizza as a snack or a whole meal but the comfort that the seasoned flatbread brings us is a different story.

National Pizza Party Day, which is celebrated annually on May 18, isn’t just yet another food holiday—it’s a whole emotion. On this day, one can have his friends and families over to deep-dive into pizza bursting with flavors.

A good old-fashioned pizza party is maybe undoable this year due to the pandemic still raging on but one can still enjoy the fancy treat with their family members to commemorate the day.

The history of National Pizza Party Day:

There is no concrete information regarding when the National Pizza Party Day was first celebrated but people have been swooning over this delicacy for many years. Pizza was known to have originated in Greece where the flatbreads were topped with olive oil, cheese, and other ingredients and seasoned with herbs.

The first installments of the modern pizzas were made in the 18th century in Rome where they were called Neapolitan Flatbreads. Back then, the delicacy was based out of Naples and enjoyed roaring popularity across the nation.

Here are some unknown and interesting facts about the iconic food item: (Courtesy: Eat This Not That and

  • Pizza was spelled as "πίτα: in Byzantine Greece. The word roughly translates as Pita.
  • Each day, Americans consume nearly 100 acres of pizza, which is 350 slices per second.
  • The most expensive pizza, which costs around $12,000, was created by Italian chef Renato Viola for a select crowd in Salerno, a coastal city in Italy. At 20 cm, the pizza is served in two pieces, with each piece costing $6,000.
  • Squid and Mayo are used as the most common pizza toppings in Japan.
  • Deep-fried pizza is very popular in Scotland.
  • New York boasts of at least 9,000 pizzerias.

Pizza A pepperoni pizza is pictured. Photo: Andreas Riedelmeier/Pixabay