Every year on August 10, National Shapewear Day celebrates shapewear, one of the most innovative pieces of fabric. Shapewear has boosted the confidence of many women, locking in bulges and that extra pounds, giving them the perfect shape.

While shapewear has been a trend for centuries (remember corsets?), the National Shapewear Day was founded only in 2017. The Pink Room founded the day to celebrate the massive strides made by the shapewear industry, and to create buzz around the new advancements made.

While it might make your body look good and smooth, finding the right shapewear can be a bit tricky as markets are flooded with multiple options in terms of size, fabrics and fit. Here are a few tips.

1) The Right Size: Like every other piece of clothing you own, shapewear should also be of the right size. Many women tend to go one size down for shapewear, but that is a great mistake, say stylists. According to Sophia-Banks Coloma, a Los Angeles-based stylist, that only causes bulges and discomfort, and makes you look bigger. The best option is to go to a store and try on shapewear pieces. Sit down and walk around to ensure that you feel comfortable, WebMD quotes her.

2) Identify the problem areas: Shapewear of many kinds are now available in the market but ensure you choose one only after you identify your problem area. Is it to flatten your tummy? Or to smoothen the derriere or tone flabby thighs? While high-rise briefs flatten your tummy, you should ideally be going for a tight shaper if you have a flabby thigh. They are worn like shorts and are very convenient. They firm up the thighs and the waist too.

3) The fabric and color: A lot goes into the material and color when it comes to shapewear. Learn about the specifics, like the higher the nylon content, the more a garment will alter the shape. Cotton blends and microfibers are the best choices during summers as they ensure breathability and odor. Shapers made of spandex and nylon will make you sweat more. The same goes with color. While bright colors may be tempting, shapewear is ideal when it is nude or skin color.

4) Consider your dress: While shapewear comes in many forms and models, it is best to keep in mind the dress you are going to wear if it is a special occasion.

Representational image. Pixabay