The significance of slumber parties goes far deeper than just spending a Saturday or Sunday with some friends. They are, more importantly, a surefire way to strengthen our bond with our gal pals.

Even though a sleepover might simply include watching great movies in your pajamas or drinking cocktails and wine or just exchanging juicy gossip with one another, it boosts the endorphins to a great extent.

Sleepovers are a quintessential part of the youth culture, and, therefore, a special day has been designated as the National Sleepover Day to celebrate the idea. Every year, May 9 is observed as the National Sleepover Day to celebrate the wonderful friends in your life by inviting them for a slumber party.

To mark the special occasion, listed below are five fun ways to make your slumber party a standout success:

Junk food: The night is young, and so are you. It's the best time to indulge in extra calories because gossiping through the night needs a great deal of energy. Let all your worries take a backseat as you gorge on your favorite snacks with your closest buddies.

Manis and pedis: A beautiful manicure is sure a mood-lifter. Let your creative juices flow as you paint each other's nails. Pedicures too are recommended.

Nostalgia night: There are many ways to evoke nostalgia, the most effective among them is to watch an old movie or popular sitcoms that went off-air long back. This is a great way to bond better with your friends as you walk down the memory lanes.

Truth or dare: You were going to spill your secrets anyway, so why not make it a bit more fun? Ensure the dares are a bit adventurous to make the night worth remembering.

A makeover: Just like going creative with the manis, sleepovers are a great way to flex your make-up skills. Try out the new makeover trick you learned on YouTube with your friend being your subject. Sounds fun right?

Sleepovers are a great way to boost your bond Pixabay