Naya Rivera shocked “Glee” fans Tuesday, after posting a photo of herself in a bikini top alongside fiancé Big Sean. The 27-year-old looked a lot more endowed in the chest area than ever before, causing people to question whether or not she got breast implants.

The actress certainly seems to have enhanced her curves after getting engaged to her rapper beau, and fans have weighed in on the new look. Chelsey Cobb wrote on social media, “what happened to women embracing there natural beauties. All these women society want us to idolize aren't even REAL anymore. Society is so twisted.”  “I think she got bigger implants put in. I liked her proportions before. Why Naya?” wrote LolaMD.

This is not the first time Rivera has undergone a transformation. In January, the star of the hit Fox series looked eerily like Kim Kardashian, after dying her naturally jet-black hair blonde. Kardashian showed off lighter tresses back in September. Rivera credited barber Clyde Haygood, also Kardashian’s hair stylist, for the new 'do.

Meanwhile, she and Big Sean went public with their engagement last April at the "42" film premiere’s red carpet event, and have been inseparable since.

The “G.O.O.D.” spoke about his relationship with Rivera shortly afterward, on WKYS’ Urban Informer program. “Naya, I been dating her for a little while, and I guess that event [the "42" premiere] was one of the first big events that came up while I was dating her."

"We were like, 'Yo, let's go to it,' because we both wanted to go. I'm kinda a private person, and she's a private person. ... As far as Naya, it's something new. Naya's really cool. Our relationship is cool. She's tight,” he said, according to MTV.

He then went on to gush about the actress, telling E! News, “Every morning I wake up, I look over at her and be like, ‘I'm winning so hard.’”