NBA Finals  With Heat And Spurs
"NBA 2K13" correctly predicted that the Miami Heat would win the NBA championship over the San Antonio Spurs.

Prior to the start of this year's NBA Finals, 2K Games posted on its Facebook account that it ran a simulation of this year's NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs on "NBA 2K13." According to 2K Games and the sims they ran, "NBA 2K13" predicted that the Miami Heat would beat the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals in six games. Lebron James would also earn NBA Finals MVP honors.

As it turns out, "NBA 2K13" correctly predicted the winner of the NBA Finals. The Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs 7 last night, taking the NBA championship. "NBA 2K13" also correctly predicted that Lebron James would win the NBA Finals MVP crown. However, "NBA 2K13" incorrectly predicated that the Miami Heat would beat the San Antonio Spurs in six games. It took seven games for the Heat to win the series.

For what it's worth, "NBA 2K12" incorrectly predicted that last year's NBA Finals would be won by the Oklahoma City Thunder in seven games. That was far from the case, with the Heat taking the championship in a mere five games.

The newest game in the series, "NBA 2K14," will be released on Oct. 1.

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