Now that Thanksgiving is officially behind us, the most wonderful time of the year has begun, and there is no better way to celebrate Christmas than to watch plenty of holiday-themed content.

Among the options that are available are some of the Christmas episodes of your favorite TV shows. Check out over 80 options available to stream on Netflix all month long.

“Alexa and Katie” Season 2, Episode 8- “The Ghost of Cancer Past”

Alexa’s working overtime to keep Christmas on track but finding her old hospital bag stirs up memories that throw her off her holiday game.

“Alexa and Katie” Season 3, Episode 5- “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Alexa and Katie Christmas
“Alexa and Katie” Season 3 features a Christmas episode for the whole family. Ali Goldstein/Netflix

Alexa’s excited to see Dylan again but senses Spencer needs her more. Katie organizes a food drive, and Dave goes overboard on holiday decorations.

“Arrested Development” Season 1, Episode 7- “In God We Trust”

The family attorney arranges George Sr.’s release from prison for Christmas. Later, George-Michael has to wear an embarrassing codpiece in a pageant.

“Arrested Development” Season 2, Episode 6- “Afternoon Delight”

After getting roasted at Bluth’s company Christmas party, Gob fires the entire staff, forcing Michael to come up with a way to rehire the employees.

“BoJack Horseman: Christmas Special” Season 1, Episode 1- “Sabrina’s Christmas Wish”

It’s Christmas, and BoJack wants nothing to do with it. Then Todd shows up with a giant candy cane and an old “Horsin’ Around” Christmas episode.

“Bunk’d” Season 1, Episode 9- “Secret Santa”

Jorge is sure he’s found the real Santa when the gang gets lost in the woods. Emma has a hard time coming up with the perfect gift to give to Lou.

“Bunk’d” Season 2, Episode 11- “How The Griff Stole Christmas”

The campers discover that Griff’s misbehavior during Christmas gift-making is related to his lonely holidays in juvenile detention.

“Bunk’d” Season 4, Episode 15- “Summer Winter Wonderland”

Miranda May is pictured in the “Summer Winter Wonderland” episode of Disney Channel’s “Bunk’d.” Disney Channel

A cold snap leads to Christmas in July, when the campers discover that Gwen knows nothing about the holiday.

“Charmed” Season 1, Episode 9- “Jingle Hell”

When the trio throws an intimate Christmas party, the merry holiday ushers in a hell-raising shapeshifter and the ugly truth about a loved one.

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Part 1, Chapter 11- “A Midwinter’s Tale”

As the winter solstice approaches, Sabrina orchestrates an emotional séance with serious consequences, and Susie’s merry plans turn menacing.

“Community” Season 1, Episode 12- “Comparative Religion”

Shirley’s plans for a holiday party are in jeopardy when Jeff is drawn into a fight with a campus bully.

“Community” Season 2, Episode 11- “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”

The meaning of Christmas is lost and Abed’s intense fixation on the holiday concerns the group.

“Community” Season 3, Episode 10- “Regional Holiday Music”

The study group is slowly convinced to fill in for the Glee Club at Greendale’s Christmas pageant.

“Community” Season 4, Episode 10- “Intro To Knots”

Jeff organizes a lovely holiday gathering at his apartment, but Annie secretly invites Professor Cornwallis to get in his good graces.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Season 1, Episode 8- “My Mom, Greg’s Mom and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves!”

During the holidays, a stressed-out Rebecca prepares for a visit from her extremely critical mother, while Greg struggles with his own family issues.

“Dreamworks Happy Holidays From Madagascar” Volume 1, Episode 3- “Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper”

Just before Christmas, Private decides to go into the city for some last-minute shopping but along the way winds up stuffed into a Christmas stocking.

“Dreamworks Happy Holidays From Madagascar” Volume 1, Episode 4- “Merry Madagascar”

When Santa and his reindeer crash onto the island of Madagascar, it’s up to Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman and those wacky penguins to save Christmas.

“Dreamworks Holiday Classics” Volume 1, Episode 4- “Donkey’s Caroling Christmas-tacular”

Deck the halls with laughter as Donkey presents his very own Christmas caroling stage show, featuring his merry Far Far Away pals.

“Dynasty” Season 1, Episode 8- “The Best Things In Life”

Cristal’s past comes back to haunt her just in time for the holidays. The Carringtons clash over client gifts before the city’s annual tree lighting.

“Dynasty” Season 1, Episode 9- “Rotten Things”

Forget calm and bright. Christmas at the Carringtons’ brings unexpected guests, shocking scandals and a catfight under the tree.

“Dynasty” Season 2, Episode 9- “Crazy Lady”

It’s a very Carrington Christmas as Blake and Fallon butt heads over the best way to handle a kidnapping, and Cristal suspects Alexis of hiding secrets.

“F Is For Family” Season 1, Episode 6- “O Holy Moly Night”

Christmas Eve turns chaotic as Frank’s deal to avoid a strike hits a last-minute snag and Bill’s first stint as an altar boy leads to trouble.

“Family Reunion”- “A Family Reunion Christmas”

M’Dear and her sisters struggle to keep their singing act together before a church Christmas pageant while Grandpa teaches the kids a valuable lesson.

“Fuller House” Season 2, Episode 10- “Nutcrackers”

Fuller House S2 Xmas
The “Fuller House” Season 2 holiday episode is a great Christmas episode to stream. Michael Yarish/Netflix

‘Tis the season to be in love, but Stephanie doesn’t want to hear it. Max gets a girlfriend for Christmas, and Ramons suits up for “The Nutcracker.”

“Fuller House” Season 4, Episode 1- “Oh My Santa”

Fuller House S4 Xmas
“Fuller House’s” Second Christmas Episode was titled “Oh My Santa.” Mike Yarish / Netflix

When Max gets a case of the bah humbugs—and Tommy has a meltdown at the mall—DJ does everything she can to get them back in the Christmas spirit.

“Gilmore Girls” Season 1, Episode 10- “Forgiveness and Stuff”

Misfortune strikes at the Gilmores’ Christmas party. Dean assures Lorelei that nothing improper happened the night he and Rory fell asleep together.

“Gilmore Girls” Season 7, Episode 11- “Santa’s Secret Stuff”

Luke asks Lorelei to write a character reference letter for his court case. Lorelei, Christopher and Rory have a late but extravagant Christmas.

“Glee” Season 2, Episode 10- “A Very Glee Christmas”

Finn tries to get everyone at McKinley High into the holiday spirit. Sue paints herself up as the Grinch to steal back presents.

“Glee” Season 3, Episode 9- “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

When New Directions is asked to perform at two different events—on the same day, at the same time—they have a tough decision to make.

“Glee” Season 4, Episode 10- “Glee Actually”

As 2012 draws to a close, Sam and Brittany live life to the fullest before the Mayan apocalypse. Meanwhile, Kurt has a Christmas he’ll never forget.

“Glee” Season 5, Episode 8- “Previously Unaired Christmas”

The New Directions audition for roles in Mckinley’s living Nativity scene, while Rachel, Kurt and Santana work as Santa’s elves at a New York mall.

“Gossip Girl” Season 1, Episode 11- “Roman Holiday”

When Blair’s father comes home for the holidays with an unexpected guest—his boyfriend—Blair finds it difficult to hide her disappointment.

“Gossip Girl” Season 2, Episode 12- “It’s A Wonderful Life”

At the annual Snowflake Ball, Blair and Chuck bet they can find ideal dates for each other. Aaron’s ex-girlfriend shows interest in Dan.

“Great News” Season 2, Episode 7- “A Christmas Carol Wendelson”

While decking the halls at work, Carol is visited by a trio of Christmas ghosts. Katie steps up when Chuck needs a sitter for his son.

“The Great British Baking Show Holidays” Season 1, Episode 1- “The Great Christmas Baking Show”

The title of Christmas Star Baker is on the line for Val, Selasi, Beca and Paul as they serve up their best Yule logs, mince pies and snow globe cakes.

“The Great British Baking Show Holidays” Season 1, Episode 2- “The Great Festive Baking Show”

It’s a mouthwatering winter wonderland when Rex, Benjamina, Rob and Sandy return to bake snowy bombe Alaska tarts, Kransekakes and magical ice cakes.

“The Great British Baking Show Holidays” Season 2, Episode 1- “The Great Christmas Baking Show”

Yuletide cheer abounds as returning bakers Flo, Liam, Jane and Andrew prepare iced biscuits, Icelandic flatbread and gift-shaped hidden design cakes.

“The Great British Baking Show Holidays” Season 2, Episode 2- “The Great Festive Baking Show”

Paul awards his first hug as Kate, Steven, Tamal and Candice whip up iced stollen wreaths, meringue snow eggs and New Year’s resolution cake.

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 6, Episode 10- “Holidaze”

As Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s pass, Miranda is visited by her father, who disapproves of her choices in life.

“Hart of Dixie” Season 1, Episode 10- “Hairdos and Holidays”

It’s Christmas in Bluebell and Lemon’s history is revealed in flashbacks, including the beginning of her connection with Lavon.

“Hart of Dixie” Season 2, Episode 10- “Blue Christmas”

Zoe is anxious about her critical mother visiting for the holidays. To avoid spending quality time with her mother, Zoe busies herself with a patient.

“Haven” Season 2, Episode 13- “Silent Night”

It’s Christmas in Haven—or so it seems to everyone but Audrey, who alone realizes that a deadly holiday trouble is taking over the town.

“Heartland” Season 4, Episode 10-“A Heartland Christmas”

It’s a week before Christmas when an anonymous call is received at Heartland about starving, abandoned horses trapped in an avalanche. Amy, Ty, Jack and Tim head out on a rescue mission.

“How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1, Episode 11- “Best Christmas Ever”

As school resumes after Christmas break, the campus is abuzz over Sam’s disappearance; while Hannah probes, Annalise focuses on a victim of spousal abuse.

“The Inbetweeners” Season 1, Episode 6- “Xmas Party”

It’s the end of term, and Will has been voted to be the new chairman of the Christmas prom committee—an enviable position indeed.

“Liv and Maddie” Season 1, Episode 10- “Fal-La-La-a-Rooney"

Liv is invited to sing at the town’s annual holiday spectacular, but her young duet partner tries to steal the spotlight.

“Liv and Maddie” Season 3, Episode 9- “Joy-to-a-Rooney"

Liv invites the cast and crew of “Voltage” to the Rooney’s annual holiday dinner—without really understanding what the “family tradition” really involves.

“Liv and Maddie” Season 4, Episode 6- “Cali Christmas-a-Rooney"

Liv tries to cheer up Maddie, who misses Christmas in Wisconsin. Joey enters a Santa Claus pageant, and Parker teaches Ruby about snow days.

“Madam Secretary” Season 4, Episode 9- “Minefield”

Russell persuades Elizabeth to host a holiday party, hoping it will help garner support for a presidential run.

“Man With a Plan” Season 1, Episode 7- “Winter Has Come”

When a blizzard thwarts the family’s Christmas trip to Andi’s parents’ house—where Adam has shipped all their gifts—he scrambles for a backup plan.

“Merry Happy Whatever” Season 1, Episode 3- “Interference”

It’s the Sunday before Christmas, when the Quinn men watch football and the Quinn women decorate the tree. But this may be the year tradition change.

“Merry Happy Whatever” Season 1, Episode 4- “Happy Mall-idays”

Don’s quest for a last-minute gift means a family trip to the mall, where Kayla tries to chat up a barista, and Emmy and Matt squabble over finances.

“Merry Happy Whatever” Season 1, Episode 5- “’Twas the Night Before the 4th Night of Hanukkah”

Merry Happy Whatever
Stream episodes of “Merry Happy Whatever” for the full Christmas effect. Adam Rose

As Don tries to rally the family for Midnight Mass, Patsy and Todd share big news, while Matt looks for signs about whether he should propose to Emmy.

“Merry Happy Whatever” Season 1, Episode 6- “Merry Ex-Mas”

On Christmas Day, Emmy eagerly awaits Matt’s proposal, Don makes another misstep with Nancy, and Kayla rethinks her decision about her decision.

“Moesha” Season 4, Episode 9- “A Class Act Christmas”

Moesha, Hakeem and the other employees of Class Act are held hostage by a man dressed as Santa Claus protesting age discrimination.

“NCIS” Season 10, Episode 10- “You Better Watch Out”

The Christmas spirit is tempered when the NCIS team begins a murder investigation that leads them to a mysterious hoard of cash.

“NCIS” Season 12, Episode 10- “House Rules”

A week before Christmas, Washington faces a citywide Internet shutdown, which leaves the NCIS to consult with three imprisoned cyberterrorists.

“New Girl” Season 1, Episode 9- “The 23rd"

The gang attends Schmidt’s holiday office party, and Jess frets when she receives an expensive gift from Paul.

“New Girl” Season 2, Episode 11”- “Santa”

While attending multiple holiday parties in one night, Jess tries to void Sam, and Nick tries to keep up with his adventurous date.

“New Girl” Season 4, Episode 11- “LAXMas”

Stuck at the airport due to flight delays, the gang worries they’ll end up home alone for the holidays. Jess, however, receives a special invitation.

“New Girl” Season 6, Episode 10- “Christmas Eve Eve”

Winston worries that his Secret Santa gift for Cece won’t arrive in time, and the gang goes all out to ensure Jess has a memorable Christmas.

“The Office” Season 2, Episode 10- “Christmas Party”

Flush with cash from a Christmas bonus, Michael throws an office Christmas party. Jim begins planning the perfect Secret Santa gift for Pam.

“The Office” Season 3, Episode 10- “A Benihana Christmas”

Michael makes a special Christmas greeting card for Carol. Meanwhile, Angela, Pam and Karen don’t see eye-to-eye about the annual yuletide party.

“The Office” Season 5, Episode 11- “Moroccan Christmas”

Phyllis’s party goes up in flames when Meredith’s hair catches on fire, and wight corners the market on the hottest toy of the Christmas season.

“The Office” Season 6, Episode 13- “Secret Santa”

Michael is outraged when Jim allows Phyllis to be Santa at the office Christmas party. Jim and Dwight try to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

“The Office” Season 7, Episode 11- “Classy Christmas: Part 1”

Toby has to take a leave of absence and corporate sends Holly Flax to cover for him. Michael forces Pam to throw a second Christmas party.

“The Office” Season 7, Episode 12- “Classy Christmas: Part 2”

Michael wants to throw a second Christmas party to celebrate Holly’s return to Scranton. Jim regrets agreeing to a snowball fight with Dwight.

“The Office” Season 8, Episode 10- “Christmas Wishes”

Andy wants to make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true—no matter how distraught they are.

“The Office” Season 9, Episode 9- “Dwight Christmas”

When the party planning committee drops the ball on the Christmas party, Dwight gets everyone to celebrate a traditional Schrute German Christmas.

“Paradise PD” Season 1, Episode 10- “Christmas In Paradise”

As Dusty scrambles to get Paradise ready for a visit from Santa, Kevin races to root out the traitor on the force.

“The Parkers” Season 3, Episode 11- “Secret Santa”

When nobody attends her tree-trimming party, Nikki goes Christmas shopping at the mall.

“The Ranch” Part 2, Episode 10- “Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are)”

Colt realizes what he wants for his future, Beau and Maggie find some closure, and the gang celebrates Christmas at the bar.

“Riverdale” Season 2, Episode 9- “Silent Night, Deadly Night”

With Christmas in the air, a snooping Veronica uncovers a surprise in Hiram’s study. Betty opens a horrifying gift, and Jughead strikes back at Penny.

“Sam & Cat” Season 1B, Episode 3- “#YayDay”

As an excuse to exchange gifts, Cat dreams up a new holiday: “Yay Day.” But she’s not very joyous after she snoops out Sam’s gift to her.

“Schitt’s Creek” Season 4, Episode 13- “Merry Christmas, Johhny Rose”

Johnny’s eager to throw a good old-fashioned Christmas party. However other members of the Rose family are decidedly less enthused.

“Sister, Sister” Season 3, Episode 12- “Christmas”

When a loan shark comes after Ray’s father for a bad debt, the family comes to his rescue.

“Spirit: Riding Free” Season 2, Episode 5- “Lucky And The Christmas Spirit”

When a blizzard threatens to derail the town’s Christmas celebrations, Lucky and her pals organize a secret “Santa’s elves” gift-giving campaign.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” Season 2, Episode 8- “Kimmy Goes To A Hotel”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Christmas
“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” features a truly unforgettable Christmas Episode. Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

On Fake Christmas, Kimmy and Dong take a trip to the Pocono, and a Jewish Family claims that Jacqueline’s prized Mondrian is rightfully theirs.

“Victorious” Season 3, Episode 1- “A Christmas Tori”

The kids at Hollywood Arts participate in a Christmas gift exchange where the one who gives the worst gift must sing Tyrolean carols with Sikowitz.

“The West Wing” Season 4, Episode 11- “Holy Night”

A winter storm blankets the Northeast as a staffer gets a surprising visit from his father, and Bartlet and Leo start to hear footsteps.

“The West Wing” Season 5, Episode 9- “Abu el Banat”

The festive spirit at the annual White House tree-lighting ceremony is dimmed when the president learns that relief workers have been jailed in the Sudan.

“When Calls The Heart” Season 4, Episode 1- “When Calls The Heart Christmas”

A mysterious peddler comes to town. When a train derailment prevents the delivery of gifts for the homeless, the residents unite to celebrate Christmas.

“When Calls The Heart” Season 5, Episode 1- “The Christmas Wishing Tree”

The holiday season makes Elizabeth miss Jack even more. Hope Valley puts up a Wishing Tree for Christmas, and with it comes surprises.