Christmas is almost here and there is no better way to get into the holiday spirit than binge-watching Christmas episodes on Netflix. Whether you are in the mood to laugh, cry or be frightened, there will certainly be an episode that can satisfy your mood.

Below are over 40 holiday episodes available to stream in December 2016:

“30 Rock” Season 2, episode 9

Although TGS staffers are psyched for their annual Ludachristmas party, at the last minute Kenneth decides to change his mind about things. Meanwhile, Liz attempts to give back to children in need.

“30 Rock” Season 4, episode 8

With Jack is focused on connecting with an old crush, Liz looks for his Christmas gift and Kenneth attempts to organize a secret Santa Swap.

“30 Rock” Season 5, episode 10

Liz tries to help Jenna and Jack talk to the people most important in their lives. Tracey is worried about preserving his serious image.

“American Dad” Season 2, episode 9

American Dad The Fox series "American Dad" has shown several Christmas themed episodes since it's season premiere in 2005.

When Stan goes back in time to try to stop an event in present day he ends up alternating the future.

“American Dad” Season 3, episode 8

When stand dies attempting to create the perfect Christmas, he demands a second chance at life.

“American Dad” Season 6, episode 8

Steve shoots Santa Claus after receiving a gun for Christmas.

“American Horror Story” Season 2, episode 8

A crazy, murderous Santa stirs things up at Briarcliff as Sister Jude tries to work her way back into the asylum.

“Arrested Development” Season 1, episode 7

Barry gets George Sr. to attend the annual Living Classics Pageant but has other plans in mind.

“Arrested Development” Season 2, episode 6

Gob fires all the employees as Buster tries to get out of serving in Iraq.

“Doctor Who” Season 7, episode 6

In 1892 London, the Doctor is void of feelings and doesn’t care that the snow can form into a violent snowman. He has a change of heart when he comes across a familiar face.

“Family Guy” Season 3, episode 16

Peter gives away the family’s Christmas presents to charity while Stewie attempts to get in Santa’s good graces.

“Family Guy” Season 9, episodes 8 and 9

When Stewie is treated badly by Santa Claus in the mall he and Brian travel to the North Pole to get revenge, however, once they arrive their plans for revenge change.

“Friends” Season 2, episode 9

Monica attempts to redefine the tradition of tipping people with money in exchange for cookies as Phoebe searches for her biological father hoping to spend Christmas with him.

“Friends” Season 3, episode 10

Phoebe gets mad at Joey for selling Christmas trees while Rachel panics after quitting her job at Central Perk.

“Friends” Season 4, episode 10

As Chandler fails as playing matchmaker for Rachel, Ross struggles to maintain his long distance relationship.

“Friends” Season 5, episode 10

Rachel finds out her date has a close relationship with his attractive sister while Phoebe focuses on charity and Joey focuses on himself.

“Friends” Season 6, episode 10

Rachel and Phoebe have trouble waiting until Christmas to open their gifts. Ross, Joey and Monica attend a TV taping following Janine’s invite.

“Friends” Season 7, episode 10

Ross attempts to get his son to favor Hanukkah over Christmas but it seems the child prefers Santa Claus over a “Holiday Armadillo.”

“Friends” Season 8, episode 11

Joey has found a new love interest in Rachel while Ross’ girlfriend pushes him to send out Christmas cards with their photo.

“Friends” Season 9, episode 10

Panic ensues when Monica discovers that Chandler will be spending the holiday in Tulsa with an attractive co-worker.

“Futurama” Season 2, episode 8

Fry travels to the year 3000 where Santa Claus is a giant robot that intimidates people.

“Glee” Season 2, episode 10

As Rachel tries to get back in Finn’s good graces, Artie attempts to keep Brittany’s belief in Santa Claus alive with the help of the glee club. Cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester channels her inner Grinch.

“Gilmore Girls” Season 1, episode 10

Lorelai must race to her father’s side after he collapses while Rory struggles to buy Christmas presents for the men in life.

“Gossip Girl” Season 1, episode 11

Christmas comes to the Upper East Side with a bang when Blair’s father shows up for dinner with his boyfriend.

“How I Met Your Mother” Season 2, episode 11

A fight between Lily and Ted put the group’s Christmas celebration in jeopardy.

“The Office” Season 2, episode 10

 Michael tries to liven up the office Christmas party by buying alcohol, which is against company police.

“The Office” Season 3, episode 10

Michael deals with the end of his relationship as the party planning committee decides to host two different events. 

“The Office” Season 5, episode 11

Andy and Dwight are at odds after Michael reveals a secret that is not his to tell.

“The Office” Season 6, episode 13

Dwight and Jim attempt to get everyone in the holiday spirt as Michael competes with Phyllis for best Santa.

“The Office” Season 7, episodes 11 and 12

Excited about Holly Flax’s arrival during Toby’s absence, Michael has Pam plan a second Christmas party for when Holly gets back home.

“Parks and Recreation” Season 2, episode 12                                    

When Leslie finds herself in the middle of a scandal the staff takes on her responsibilities.

“Parks and Recreation” Season 4, episode 10

As the office searches for the perfect Christmas gift for Leslie and she organizes a citizen action group.

“Parks and Recreation” Season 5, episode 9

Jerry decides to throw a Christmas party without inviting all of his friends as an insecure Tammy crashes an awards dinner that Ron is attending.

“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5, episode 13

Pretty Little Liars The "Pretty Little Liars" Christmas episode aired during season 5 of the series in 2014.

It’s Christmas in Rosewood and “A” decides to give the girls a holiday break from all of the drama. However, when Alison hosts an ice ball and the girls receive a map to all of her secret hiding places, it becomes difficult for them to focus on the most wonderful time of the year.

“Raising Hope” Season 1, episode 11

Virginia pushes the family to participate in the churches Nativity. Burt tells Jimmy how he used to make money.

“Raising Hope” Season 4, episode 10

Burt and Virginia conspire to bring down a company that is killing bees.

“Scrubs” Season 4, episode 12

After speaking to students about some of the best moments in his career, J.D. encourages his colleagues to do the same.

“Supernatural” Season 3, episode 8

Dean dreams of having a traditional Christmas as he and Sam track down a murderer's victims that are pulled through chimneys.

“That ‘70s Show” Season 1, episode 12

Eric keeps money that is supposed to be spent on a Christmas tree and instead cuts one down himself.

“That ‘70s Show” Season 3, episode 9

Eric ruins his father’s shoes after he returns home drunk from a party at Hyde’s house.

“That ‘70s Show” Season 4, episode 12

Eric is in charge of directing the church Christmas pageant but his role as director goes to his head.

“The X-Files” Season 5, episode 6

Scully returns home to San Diego which leads to dreams about the daughter of a woman who was killed.

“The X-Files” Season 6, episode 6

Christmas is put on hold when the agents have to investigate a house haunted by a married couple.

Netflix Netflix offers a variety of Christmas episodes for customers to watch before, during and after the holiday season. Pictured is an illustration of the Netflix logo seen on Sept. 19, 2014 in Paris, France. Photo: Getty Images