• Netflix subscribers can now play games on their Android devices
  • Netflix announced five new mobile games available on the platform
  • Here's how subscribers can enjoy the new mobile games for free

Netflix wants to get a piece of the action in the mobile gaming world as it announced that Android users all over the world would find a new Games tab on their mobile devices with five new mobile titles.

Netflix confirmed in July that it was getting into the video games industry, particularly mobile gaming, which would most likely become available within 2021. Several months later, five new mobile games have arrived on the platform. 

Gamers won't have to pay extra to be able to access and play the new games on Netflix. The subscribers' current subscription includes games by default and is available on all profiles, the streaming giant explained in its announcement.

Netflix is the market leader but will face increasingly stiff competition as US firms go global Netflix is the market leader but will face increasingly stiff competition as US firms go global Photo: AFP / Olivier DOULIERY

However, mobile games for adults will require a PIN on kids profiles. This is the same PIN that subscribers use to block access to other adult content on their accounts. Netflix promises to deliver a complete gaming experience to its users.

This means, unlike other games on Android devices, players will not see any ads popping up in the game or in-app purchases along the way. To access the new mobile games, users just need to go to the Games tab and tap on one of the five available titles.

Netflix will then direct users to the Google Play Store so they can install the game that they want to play. Users will not play the mobile games inside Netflix since each of these games will act as a standalone app.

To play games, you will need to head to the Games tab, then tap on one of the five titles. At that point, Netflix will send you to the Google Play Store to install them. 

Some mobile games also require an internet connection, while some can readily run without a cellular or WiFi connection. The five new games available for free to all Android users with Netflix subscription include "Card Blast" by Amuzo & Rogue Games, "Shooting Hoops " by Frosty Pop, "Stranger Things: 1984" by BonusXP,  "Stranger Things 3: The Game" by BonusXP and "Teeter Up" by Frosty Pop.