Netflix is willing to throw down the big bucks for big-ticket movies. The streaming service just announced their most expensive movie yet, so take a look at five of their biggest movie budgets.

“The Gray Man” currently tops the list. The just-announced adaptation costs a whopping $200 million. “Avengers: Endgame” directors Joe and Anthony Russo will reunite with Captain America actor Chris Evans for the “James Bond-level thriller” alongside Ryan Gosling.

Based on the 2009 Mark Greaney novel, the story follows the Court Gentry, AKA the Gray Man, a CIA operative and freelance assassin. He is being hunted by another assassin, Lloyd Hansen (Evans), who just happens to be his former colleague. The movie is expected to be the first in a franchise.

“The Irishman” was Netflix’s first Martin Scorsese photo, and they paid top dollar for it. The film, which was nominated for 10 Oscars but won zero, had a budget of $175 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“The Irishman” follows the story of a truck driver who gets involved with the mafia in the 1950s and stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

“Bright” certainly didn’t light up the way Netflix hoped. After all, they spent over $100 million on the movie, according to Vanity Fair, but critics slammed it. The 2017 action flick is set in a world where humans coexist with mythical creatures, but they don’t exactly get along. The cop’s (Will Smith) new partner is an orc (Joel Edgerton), and they have to work together to stop a new enemy.

Netflix audiences don't listen to critics the same way theatergoers might, though. "Bright" still earned 60 million viewers in its first week alone and a sequel is likely.

"The Old Guard" debuted on Netflix earlier this month and immediately shot into the Top 10 streaming titles on the platform. That's probably a relief to Netflix considering they spent $70 million on it, according to IndieWire.

Charlize Theron leads the action flick about a group of immortals who are mercenaries. They must protect themselves from those who want to replicate their power. This movie managed to pull in viewers and win over critics.

“The Ridiculous 6” was Netflix’s satire of western movies, but Adam Sandler doesn’t make low-budget films these days. The flick, which was panned by critics, reportedly cost $60 million. Despite bad reviews, Netflix claimed that within the first 30 days of its January 2016 release, it was the service's most-watched movie ever, The Guardian reports.

“The Cloverfield Paradox” is another critical bomb, but Netflix knew audiences would turn out for the threequel’s surprise release. The film shows scientists facing a disturbing alternate reality after testing a dangerous invention. Paramount Pictures made the J.J. Abrams-produced film, and Netflix then bought the rights to it for more than $50 million, according to THR.

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