Netflix’s new documentary “Strip Down Rise Up” will be released on Feb. 5 and it’ll introduce a way of healing that you might not have thought of before.

This show is based on healing and pole dancing. A group of women is followed as they work through their individual trauma while learning the art of dancing.

Traumas these women are working through include things like sexual abuse, harassment and various body acceptance issues, according to Decider.

Sheila Kelley, from “The Good Doctor,” is the teacher and owner of the studio that’s highlighted in the documentary.

“I want you to think of the pole as the frame of the artwork of your body,” she says to the group in the trailer.

“Emotion is going to come up, fear is going to come up. You have to fight through it,” she continues.

Another clip shows a woman speaking about why she decided to take the class and learn how to pole dance.

“When I was younger I was sexually abused. I don’t know who I am,” she says.

Some Twitter users are happy about this up and coming film, but others are questioning it.

The show was shot by an all-female crew, People reports. There are also other female instructors that are introduced throughout the documentary.

The director, Michèle Ohayon, explained to People why it's important for viewers to be educated on this artistry.

"I made Strip Down, Rise Up to celebrate women who transform from victim to victors through the beautiful, sensual art of pole dancing and movement. I wanted to show through my lens, that sensual dance is for every body type, shape and ethnic background. My film gives a voice to a diverse group of women, their power, their pain, their reclamation, their raw beauty, and offers a much-needed positive message of women stripping down shame and taking ownership of their sensual, feminine being in order to rise. I truly hope it will inspire others to move into movement," she said.

Strip Down Rise Up
"Strip Down, Rise Up" is a new documentary on Netflix. Courtesy of Netflix