The Girl Scouts of the USA are adding another cookie to their famous lineup, and this one is inspired by brunch. The Toast-Yay! is a French toast-flavored treat, but it will only be available in select regions.

On Tuesday, Girl Scouts officially announced that Toast-Yay! will be joining favorites like Thin Mints and Samoas (AKA Caramel DeLites). The cookies are shaped like mini slices of French toast, and they have the iconic Girl Scouts trefoil stamped on top. Much like the retired Thanks-A-Lot, the cookies are covered in icing on one side.

International Business Times confirmed that Toast-Yay! cookies are currently only being produced by ABC Bakers, which serves Philadelphia, Kansas City, Minneapolis and more. Cities like New York and Los Angeles typically get their Girl Scout cookies from Little Brownie Bakers, so they likely won’t get their hands on Toast-Yay! just yet.

Girl Scouts Toast Yay
The Girl Scouts of the USA announced that Toast-Yay! will join the 2021 cookie lineup. Girl Scouts of the USA

Wondering who serves each area? ABC Bakers calls their products Peanut Butter Patties, Lemonades and Caramel DeLites, and their customers will get their hands on Toast-Yay! first. Little Brownie Bakers calls their cookies Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles and Samoas. Check out a map detailing the vendor's areas.

Those who can get Toast-Yay! cookies still have to wait a while. The new treat will launch as part of the 2021 cookie season, which officially starts in January (though it may start later depending on your local troop). Cookie customers should contact their local Girl Scout council for specific information about sale dates and cookie availability.

With social distancing likely to again be a factor in next year's cookie season, the Girl Scouts will continue to utilize virtual cookie booths as well as socially distant or contactless options.

According to the nutritional information, each package has about 16 cookies, with two Toast-Yay!s being the recommended serving size. Cinnamon and maple syrup are the ingredients that make it different from the rest of the cookie lineup.

New Girl Scouts Cookie
A Brownie Girl Scout holds up a package of Toast-Yay! cookies, the newest Girl Scout Cookie from ABC Bakers. Girl Scouts of the USA