• A UFO expert spotted an alleged alien vessel flying near the ISS
  • The photo of the UFO flying near the ISS was taken by NASA
  • The UFO expert believes the UFO was observing the ISS

A UFO expert claimed a photo taken by NASA showed an alien vessel hovering near the International Space Station (ISS). According to the expert, it is possible that the alien ship was observing the giant station.

The UFO sighting was reported by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. He came across the photo as he was going through the gallery of the website Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, which features photos taken during various NASA missions.

One of the photos that caught Waring’s attention was taken using the camera mounted on the ISS. According to the details of the photo, it was taken on Jan. 6.

The photo mainly features a view of Earth from the ISS. But, as Waring pointed out, a strange object can be seen just above the planet’s surface in the photo.

Based on the image, the mysterious object has a geometrical shape. Its main body appears like a rectangle with a smaller section on top of it. Waring noted that the object is most likely a spaceship made and used by alien beings due to its appearance.

“I was looking through some NASA photos taken recently from the space station and I noticed this large rectangular metallic object,” Waring stated on a blog post. “The object seems to be made by intelligent beings, because it has eight perfect right angles to it.”

According to Waring, the object in the photo is most likely not space debris. He also ruled out camera issues since the ISS’ instruments are most likely top-of-the-line that have features that can eliminate glitches in the images they take.

Since Waring strongly believes that the mysterious object is an alien spacecraft, he noted that it might be flying near the space station to study it or possibly visit it.

“That’s highly unlikely for it to be space debris,” he stated. “This could possibly be a reflection, but I highly doubt that, most the NASA lenses are very expensive and cut out most you probably know, certain filters can accomplish this. So it is my personal opinion that it’s an alien craft watching the space station...or possibly visiting.”

ISS Photo
Photo of Earth taken from the ISS NASA / International Space Station