What do you picture when you think of New Year’s Eve celebrations? For the United States, the Times Square Ball comes to mind. But that isn’t necessarily the focus elsewhere. For example, Southern California looks toward New Year’s Day with the annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena and the Rose Bowl, the oldest bowl game in American college football, first played in 1902. For others, celebrations center on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, ritualistic parades in Romania, "wishing spheres" in Singapore and even “polar bear” swims in frigid water in Russia.

Whether it’s the traditional garb of a region and culture, swimsuits, or those cheesy New Year's glasses that we all thought would disappear after 2009, people around the world put on their best to ring in the New Year.

Preparations for global New Year’s Eve celebrations have been nonstop around the world over the past few days. In New York, technicians check and recheck the Times Square Ball to ensure it’s ready for countdown time. Workers arrange “wishing spheres” in Singapore and preparations continue in Burma, Berlin and other places around the globe.

Take a peek at New Year’s Eve preparations in the photos below.