A security guard contracted at the Greater Rochester International Airport is out of a job after inexplicably handing a traveler a note which called them ugly after they passed through a screening checkpoint.

Earlier during the week, a surveillance video of the incident hit Twitter in a minute clip which has since been viewed over 2,200 times.

During late June, Neal Strassner was going through the New York air hub when a female security guard who remains unnamed gave him a handwritten note. The note was on a small slip of cardboard that called him ugly.

Strassner claimed he passed through the checkpoint without a problem and took the odd note from the work without asking. She reportedly called to him and asked whether he was going to open the note or not.

Clearly, she was waiting for his reaction, and she allegedly burst out laughing, and this was captured on surveillance footage. Strassner recently acquired the security clip through a freedom of information request.

He went on to say the stunt did not upset him though similar pranks may end up offending other people in a harsh manner.

He claimed that one never knows where somebody is apparently in their head or during their day. The more that one thinks about the matter, the more it makes sense to smile about the issue.

Airport Pixabay

Strassner thinks the stunt was not an isolated incident. At the end of the video, she took a pen out of her pocket and began to write another one. He knows that he was not the only one that got one of those ill-natured notes. He was probably just the next in line to receive the jeers.

He made it clear he did not know whether she needed to be dismissed, but he deemed it as cruel, unprovoked, and very unprofessional. Obviously, this would not be something tolerated in other elements of the service sector.

When they were contacted for comment, representatives told the Transportation Security Administration the official was dismissed for her actions. The TSA then released a statement that it holds the contractors to the highest ethical standards, and it has zero tolerance for that type of behavior.

The sentiments on Facebook reiterated the same things and went along the same lines as the woman’s trick was not as funny as she believed it was apparently.

She has been widely condemned, and the fact it was showed on camera does not help her case one bit. This is one of the rare cases of such scenarios which have been caught on camera.