Police Officer Figoski
Police Officer Figoski was killed Dec. 12 after a botched robbery. DCPI

The funeral for Officer Peter Figoski was held Monday morning as thousands of police officers showed their support for his family and friends.

His family wept and consoled each other as Mayor Bloomberg spoke to the massive crowd. He posthumously promoted Figoski to detective first grade, after he was shot and killed in a botched robbery last week.

Knowing your father was a hero doesn't make these days any easier for you, said Mayor Bloomberg, as he acknowledged Figoski's daughters, Christine, 19; Caitlyn, 18; Caroline, 16; and Corinne, 14, according to the New York Post.

Officers and supporters lined the streets as Figoski's casket was brought inside the church. The Post reported the officers stood at attention and saluted as some broke down in tears. Officers as far away as Chicago, Baltimore and Boston were in attendance to show their support for their fallen fellow officer.