A newborn baby girl was found inside a garbage bag, which was dumped in a bush, near the French city of Lyon.

Local authorities said the infant was found Tuesday by passers-by. The cries of the child, believed to be just a day old, grabbed the attention of those walking by a street in a residential and shopping area in the town of Meyzieu, Euro News reported.

The baby was rescued after the fire brigade and the ambulance service arrived at the scene, and taken to the Woman-Mother-Child hospital in Bron.

Authorities said the baby girl was in good health and did not require first aid treatment, Lyon Mag reported [Google Translate showed]. The baby was currently in the custody of the child welfare services.

The police launched an investigation and located the mother of the child, an 18-year-old high school student. She was taken into police custody Wednesday, the Lyon public prosecutor's office said, according to Euro News.

"We are shocked by this discovery," Meyzieu town hall reportedly said, adding that they were not aware of any reports of a missing child. "Social services remain attentive to situations of vulnerability that require support from the community."

Authorities are trying to determine why the baby was abandoned. 

Recently, in the U.S. state of Maryland, a newborn baby with her umbilical cord still attached was found abandoned in a wooded area. A man walking his dog on a bike path in Glen Burnie spotted the baby girl and alerted police. "I was watering my flowers and there was a gentleman there trying to get my attention, said there's a baby in the woods and I'm like, 'a human baby?' and he said yeah," a local resident, identified only as Steve, told CBS Local. 

"It looked like someone had just come along and chucked it in the woods." Ted Rutherford, who first heard the cries of the infant, said he called 911 immediately after finding the newborn. "The placenta and all the, you know, the fluids and all were in like a grocery bag, A little plastic bag and it was tied up around the umbilical cord," Rutherford said at the time. "The baby would cry, cry, cry and then it would stop."

Newborn In this photo, a newborn baby holds the finger of his mother after the delivery at the Lens hospital, northern France, Sept. 17, 2013. Photo: Getty Images/ PHILIPPE HUGUEN