A newborn baby in India starved to death after the child's mother got intoxicated and passed out.

The incident took place in the state of Chhattisgarh. The police said the woman lived with her baby and her husband in Dhamtari district. The woman's husband was a vehicle mechanic and was not in the town when the incident took place, media outlet News18 reported.

Neighbors said the woman was an alcoholic and didn't take care of her child. On the day of the incident, the woman, who began drinking in the evening, forgot to feed the baby. The child then started crying and did not stop until morning. The following day, the neighbors came to the woman's house and saw the baby was dead. The child's mother was found in a state of intoxication.

The police arrived at the scene and found the intoxicated woman was in no condition to talk properly. The local police are yet to file a case in the incident, News18 reported. The gender of the baby and the name of the mother were not disclosed by the police.

In a similar case of negligence leading to death, a young boy was attacked and killed by a pack of dogs while his parents partied with their friends. The incident took place in the Russian city of Ivanteevka. According to reports, the child's family was at a friend's residence to celebrate New Year when the tragic incident took place. Two men, three women and three children were at the home at the time.

On the day of the incident, the victim went to feed the dogs in the yard when the canines mauled him. The dogs almost bit off the child's hand and nearly removed his scalp. The police arrived at the scene and found the child dead, and his jacket covered in blood next to a cage. They said the child's mother was intoxicated at the time. The police were told the people at the residence had been partying for three days.

Representational image. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong