• The couple told police that their baby suffered a broken arm after falling off the bed
  • It was later revealed that the newborn had signs of "inflicted physical abuse"
  • The child's parents were charged with felony child abuse

The parents of a newborn baby in Kentucky were arrested after their 9-day-old baby was found with at least five broken bones and bruises to the head. The couple was charged with felony child abuse, police said Wednesday.

Doctors at the Norton Children's Hospital on Monday revealed that the child had a broken humerus, broken right and left radius by the wrists, broken right tibia and broken right and left femur. The baby also had a bruise on the left side of the head, police said in the arrest report, reported Louisville Courier-Journal.

The child's parents were arrested from their home on Canterbury Court after a pediatric forensic nurse said the injuries were "diagnostic of inflicted physical abuse" and were "severe and show extreme indifference for human life," according to the arrest report. The accused were identified as Brent Bishop, 30, who is also known as Michael Bishop, and Amanda Yff, 26.

During questioning, Yff told police she fed her baby and then Bishop took the newborn to another room "for a few hours." She fell asleep after feeding the baby and when she woke up, she couldn't find the child. Later, they found the baby face-down on the floor next to the bed, the Courier-Journal reported.

The Louisville Metro Police Department officers arrived at the scene and rushed the baby to a hospital. While at the hospital, Yff told officers, "I can't believe I hurt my baby this bad."

Authorities found a slew of drugs, including cocaine, meth, oxycodone, marijuana and various items of paraphernalia at the couple's house. They also seized a gun from the home.

The couple was charged with complicity to first-degree child abuse, along with numerous drug-related offenses in connection with the incident, the Courier-Journal reported, citing court records.

During an arraignment hearing Tuesday, Bishop and Yff entered not guilty pleas and a judge set their bond at $150,000. Their next court date is set for April 14.

"This is a tragedy for all parties involved," Yff's attorney, Nick Mudd, told the Courier-Journal in an email. "Ms. Yff and I look forward to defending any and all allegations in Court."

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay