• The goat kid died only 10 minutes after being born
  • Villagers offered flowers to the goat and lighted incense sticks near it
  • Villagers believed the goat to be a rebirth of an ancestor

A baby goat born with facial features resembling that of a human earned a god’s reputation in India.

Images and videos that surfaced on social media showed the goat with freakish facial features being worshipped by locals in the Seltipada village in Songadh taluka in the western Indian state of Gujarat. The video clips have since shot to viral fame.

The oddball creature survived only 10 minutes after being born, local outlet reported. The goat was born in the house of a farmer in a village named Ajaybhai Vasava.

The goat kid’s forehead, eyes, and mouth were similar to that of a human while the rest of its body looked like a goat. The human-like bearded face of the dead goat kid kind of looked like a hermit meditating. The animal wasn’t born with a tail.

In the video, villagers can be seen offering their prayers to the goat kid’s corpse with flower petals and incense sticks, believing it to be a rebirth of an ancestor before burying it.

Animals, including buffalos and goats, are sacrificed before a god in India as part of a dominant Hindu custom. The adherents of the religion are known to worship certain animals, especially cows, monkeys, and snakes. Hindus consider them to be gods and deities themselves while mutant animals are seen as a sign of god.

In September 2017, a mutant goat born with deformities in Chennai, the capital city of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, created quite a stir. The goat was born with massive eyes and pouted lips forcing its tongue to loll out from its mouth, which almost made it look somewhat like an old, feeble woman. It was said to be suffering from a fatal deformity called cyclopia, caused by a failure of the forebrain and nasal area to develop.

Bored on Zoom? Call a goat!
Bored on Zoom? Call a goat! AFPTV / Paul BARKER