• Six more young sufferers have been granted to have another shot at life
  • They finally received their wonder pill and are overjoyed upon receiving their "miracle" package
  • The six are aged 20, 8, 9, 4, 6 and 5

The fight to get their hands on the wonder pills was not that easy. The six made separate efforts for the chance to win a deal with the NHS. Last year, the six made their tear-jerking pleas through online dailies asking to be given the medications made by US Firm Vertex.

Today, Anabelle Brown, 20 years old, Charlie Foster, eight, George Monckton, nine, Charlotte Taylor, four, Ivy Weir, six, and Rufus Wilson, five, finally got their Orkambi or Symkevi drugs. This came about after news about the gravely ill Ayden Cochrane, 13, also a cystic fibrosis sufferer, was given the new miracle drug, Trikafta, from Vertex.

new life cystic fibrosis young sufferers
new life cystic fibrosis young sufferers StockSnap - Pixabay

Little Ivy wasted no time in expressing her delight upon receiving the box of drugs. She said the drugs are her magic pills and expressed her feelings of excitement and happiness.

During the entire 2019, online newspaper Daily Express moved the feelings of readers by showing the difficulties that these young sufferers must deal with on a daily basis. The stories included heartbreaking images, including that of sick Rufus, as he lies in a hospital bed, appearing very ill. Charlotte’s mother also provided an insight into the tiring daily physio routines that sufferers go through.

The mother of Ivy, Gemma Weir, while campaigning for the Vertex drugs, convinced MPs to try breathing through straws so they would have an idea of how patients feel. Student Annabelle, meanwhile, said she is currently training to become a scientist so she could help find a cure for the cruel condition. Young Charlie, on the other hand, said he is a bit sad upon getting the pills as this would mean he now has to take more tablets daily.

Nicola Johnson, the mother of George, revealed that he has already begun his Orkambi treatment. Mrs. Johnson revealed that the nurse who told them nine years ago that George had cystic fibrosis was the one who gave him his box of Orkambi. It was a truly magical moment for all of them. She expressed her gratitude to Daily Express and to all those who helped in the campaign for their loved ones to get their drugs.

In a recent report, 13-year-old Ayden Cochrane has received his miracle drug from Vertex. He wept with joy with his family upon receiving the treatment. He and his family expressed their gratitude to Vertex and to Express for the help extended to their family.