Set in her home country of Trinidad, rapper Nicki Minaj shows major skin in her latest music video, "Pound the Alarm," which premiered on Tuesday.

Called the "New Queen of Hip-Hop" by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2010, since her debut album, "Pink Friday," which was released the same year, Minaj's lyrics have been, for the most part, sexually explicit, and she seemingly challenges gender stereotypes in some of her songs by exuding female power in the male dominated space of Hip-Hop.

"I'm a bad bitch, no muzzle" she raps in the sugary pop record.

She also adopts many theatrical personas, such as one male alter ego named Roman Zolanski, which is no surprise, considering she was a theater major at LaGuardia High School in New York.

In "Pound the Alarm," she raps, "What I gotta do to show these girls that I own them?/Some call me Nicki, and some call me Roman."

Surrounded by other bikini-clad women, Minaj in this music video flaunts her killer curves. She calls her female fans "Barbz," and proves that she just might be the ultimate Black Barbie.

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