Nicole Kidman
The rumor that Nicole Kidman is no longer eating has been debunked. Pictured: The Hollywood actress attending the Australian premiere of “Destroyer” in Sydney on Jan. 28, 2019. Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

Is Nicole Kidman no longer eating because of rumors claiming she has marital problems with husband Keith Urban? This is what a new tabloid report claims. The Hollywood actress is reportedly “wasting away” and her friends are deeply worried for her.

Celebrity gossip magazine In Touch recently published a story claiming that Kidman hasn’t been eating because she forgets to do so amid her busy schedule and the rumors that she and Urban are struggling with marriage issues.

According to the report, Nicole’s friends have voiced their concern for her because she’s been working so hard these days that she skips meals and is no looking “frailer than ever.” A supposed source for the tabloid implied that apart from work, Kidman’s stress comes from the speculations about her married life.

“Her friends say she needs to slow down and take better care of herself, because she’s so busy that she forgets to eat,” the source said. “And she tries to blow off the rumors about her marriage to Keith being in trouble, but how can that not add to the stress?”

Gossip Cop has since debunked the report. When the fact-checking website reached out to the actress’ spokesperson, the latter said that it’s “total nonsense.” Kidman’s rep assured there’s also nothing to worry about because even Nicole’s inner circle are not concerned about her health.

The outlet also pointed out the inconsistencies in the tabloid’s report, such as the fact that In Touch referred to Kidman’s “The Undoing” as an “upcoming movie” when in reality it’s an HBO miniseries. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time that the magazine churned out false stories about the actress.

Meanwhile, Nicole recently made headlines for abruptly ending a phone interview on Australian breakfast radio show “Kyle and Jackie O Show” after being asked to name her favorite wig from the ones she had worn throughout her career.

Kidman avoided the question at first by saying that her favorite is her natural hair. However, she admitted that’s difficult for her to answer the inquiry because it’s like choosing her favorite child among her four kids. The “Big Little Lies” star then left the show hosts hanging when she dropped the call because another radio station was waiting for her.

Earlier this week, Kidman was spotted in New York City with young actor Noah Jupe. The two actors were apparently filming scenes for “The Undoing” where they play as mother and son. Hugh Grant is portraying Nicole’s on-screen husband for the show.