“The Night Shift” Season 4 has not yet been confirmed by NBC, even though the Season 3 finale aired last month and raked in great ratings. It’s no surprise that the showrunners and the cast of the show are baffled about NBC delaying the official announcement.

Though NBC has not canceled “The Night Shift,” the network appears to be taking its time ordering another season for the Eoin Macken-led medical drama series, GameNGuide noted. Last year, NBC announced the series’ renewal just shortly after the Season 2 finale aired, according to TV Series Finale.

“We have heard no news on that,” cast member Brendan Fehr told Digital Spy earlier this week. “Which is quite surprising. We were the number one scripted show in the summer. I don’t think there’s a number higher than one! I don’t know what our network is looking for us to do in order to get that pickup. I think it’ll inevitably come, but the fact we’ve waited this long is a little frustrating, but we just laugh it off and it just bands us together more.”

Despite the delay, Fehr, who plays Drew in the series, still hasn’t lost hope that “The Night Shift” will be getting a fourth season. He continued, “I’ve learned in life that it’s not about proving other people wrong, although that’s really nice to do sometimes, but it’s about proving ourselves right, and we’ve done that. If they want to make us sit here and wait for it then we will!”

“The Night Shift” showrunners Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs are also eager to know what NBC’s decision will be. But they’re also hoping that the series will get picked up by another network if NBC later decides to cancel it. “We think there’s going to be a next season — we just wish we knew like a month ago. We’re feeling strong that if it’s not [NBC], then it’s going to be someone,” Judah told CarterMatt earlier this month.

Meanwhile, CarterMatt reported that “The Night Shift’s” odds of being renewed are “very good," considering that the show managed to do well despite the tough competition and various series-related factors like “shifting timeslots, double-episodes, and various hiatuses.” The NBC series scored a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic, and although it’s down compared to the previous season, the number is still solid for a scripted show. The Season 3 finale episode also garnered 5.80 million viewers, which is higher than the 5.20 million the Season 2 finale raked in last year, according to Deadline.

“The Night Shift” stars Macken, Fehr, Jill Flint, Ken Leung, Tanaya Beatty, JR Lemon, Merle Dandridge and Robert Bailey, Jr, among many others.

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