“The Night Shift” Season 3’s finale episode, “Burned,” ended with cliffhangers all around on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

In “The Night Shift” Season 3 finale, TC (Eoin Macken) was arrested by guards at the Turkey-Syria border, but he managed to convince them turn over the Cipro shipment in return for Syd operating on a border guard’s young son who was suffering from hip dysplasia. However, Syd (Jennifer Beals), who was also dealing with symptoms of typhus at the time, fainted in the middle of the surgery. TC took over the reins, and they manage to finish the operation successfully between the two of them. They got the Cipro stash for their troubles and started to prepare to go their separate ways. But just as TC and Syd were about to leave, incoming missiles hit their camp, leaving the two bloodied and unconscious.

Meanwhile, Jordan (Jill Flint) and Scott (Scott Wolf), who had been called to a wildfire, performed emergency surgery on a firefighter’s leg. Jordan learned that the firefighter who was with them was named Mac (Mac Brandt), had a crush on his colleague and was suffering from stage-IV glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), with only two months left to live. Mac risked his life to help them get out safely. When the wildfire was finally put out and things settled down, Jordan told Scott that it was Annie who swiped the drugs from the hospital. By the end of the episode, Scott escorted Annie (Sara Jane Morris) back to rehab.

In the last episode, Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) also clashed with his father, Dr. Julian Cummings (James McDaniel), who was looking to buy San Antonio Memorial for $50 million. They disagreed on patient treatment, with Julian insisting on an inexpensive but dangerous solution. When the deal to purchase SAM later came through, Julian, impressed by Paul’s confidence, offered his son a surgical consultant position but gave Topher (Ken Leung) the boot as his management style didn’t agree with his. Paul, after learning that his father fired Topher, resigned and so did most of the staff from their ER shift. Shannon (Tanaya Beatty), however, chose to stay since she needed the job and couldn’t afford to move back home.

In summary, “The Night Shift” Season 3 ended with TC and Syd dying or possibly dead, Paul disowned by his father and most of the ER staff jobless. Does this mean we’ll definitely be getting a Season 4 for “The Night Shift”?

NBC has yet to confirm whether or not “The Night Shift” Season 4 is happening, but the ambiguous ending and high ratings seem to be points in favor of renewal. “The Night Shift” Season 4 outperformed CBS’ “Zoo” and FOX’s “Wayward Pines” this year, with the NBC series averaging 5 million viewers and 1.0 demo rating in Live+Same Day numbers, according to TV Line.

Meanwhile, “The Night Shift” star Flint recently opened up about the series in an interview with TV Line, where she dished on her favorite storyline aside from Jordan’s. She shared that she enjoyed many storylines from the NBC show and one of them is Topher and his mother’s arc, which, according to the actress, had a lot of “heart” and “humor.”

“I’m also really loving the storyline between Drew (Brendan Fehr) and Brianna (Kyla Kenedy), seeing him trying to adopt this girl,” she continued. “Watching this family manifest itself has been great, and the chemistry has been fantastic. There have been a lot of other moments, like seeing Paul evolve from uptight to sweet and endearing. Seeing Shannon start off as tough as nails, unsure where she’s coming from, and then you realize what she has gone through and what she has had to overcome, is fantastic. What they’ve done with the characters this year has been very fun to watch.”

Do you think NBC should renew “The Night Shift” for a fourth season? What was your favorite moment from Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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"The Night Shift" Season 3 aired its finale episode on Wednesday, Aug. 31. NBC