“The Night Shift” Season 4 has yet to be confirmed by NBC, but executive producers Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah are hopeful that the show will be getting renewed. In fact, they already have some ideas in mind for the fourth season.

“The Night Shift” Season 3 finale episode, which aired Aug. 31, ended with several cliffhangers and unanswered questions, such as whether or not TC (Eoin Macken) and Syd (Jennifer Beals) are still alive after the bombing or what Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) and the rest of the ER staff will do now after resigning from their jobs.

In a recent interview, Sachs and Judah revealed that they may have intentionally left some of the characters’ fates hanging because they’re hoping for the show to be picked up, especially since the NBC show was the “no. 1 scripted show of the summer.” “The Night Shift” Season 3 finale episode garnered 5.80 million viewers on Wednesday, an improvement from the 5.20 million the Season 2 finale raked in last year, Deadline reported. The last episode also recorded a season high among adults 18-29.

At the same time, the showrunners are also happy with how Season 3 ended. “There are actually things we left out, because we didn’t know if we were picked up. We didn’t want to make it  all  big cliffhangers and  all  big angst because if it wasn’t picked up, we wanted to give some satisfaction in some ways. There were things that were going to happen with maybe Drew (Brendan Fehr) and Brianna (Kyla Kennedy) and Rick (Luke Macfarlane), and we thought that really just deserved a happy ending,” Judah told Catermatt.

The EPs also had a suggestion for NBC that they could use “The Night Shift” to promote another medical show on the same network, “Chicago Med.” Judah shared, “We joke around that if nothing else, just pick us up as a vehicle to promote ‘Chicago Med’ during the summer. Even if you just want to do ‘if you like 'The Night Shift,' you’ll like 'Chicago Med’’ — they run those promos during our show, even though we got no promo during the Olympics — just for that reason, you should pick us up and we can keep ‘Chicago Med’ looking good.”

Judah added that even if NBC doesn’t pick up the medical drama for another season, he’s hoping another network will. “We think there’s going to be a next season — we just wish we knew like a month ago. We’re feeling strong that if it’s not [NBC], then it’s going to be someone,” he shared.

Sachs and Judah shared that they have a lot of plans for Season 4, including giving Drew and Rick a better storyline. They were eager to show more of the gay couple in Season 3, but Macfarlane’s schedule didn’t allow him to shoot scenes for more than just a of couple episodes. In addition, the EPs already have an idea where they want Season 4 to pick up, which is the aftermath of the bombing that left TC and Syd bloody and unconscious in the Season 3 finale.

For those who are worried about TC dying in the last episode, the execs confirmed that he will definitely be back if there’s a Season 4. “This is a world where TC started alone, and he ends up alone,” Judah said of the Season 3 ending. “Theoretically, creatively, we are at peace with that decision. That doesn’t mean that he is dead. There are a lot of different ways we can go with that. But I thought that Eoin [Macken] was fantastic, especially in the last three [episodes] when he’s overseas and he’s doing stuff. It’s fun to watch. It really separates us from all of the other medical shows.”

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