Nintendo has announced its newest video game console, the Nintendo 2DS. The 2DS is a portable gaming system that, at $129.99, targets the budget market. The Nintendo 2DS will be released on Oct. 12.

We're not sure we're sold on the 2DS, though. While it does have some redeeming qualities, there are a few things we don't like about the 2DS. Here are five reasons why we think the Nintendo 2DS will fall flat.

1. The 2DS Doesn't Fold

Unlike the Nintendo 3DS, DS and 3DS XL, the Nintendo 2DS doesn't feature a folding design. Instead, it's a stationary slate that looks bulky and prone to wear and tear due to its exposed design. The Nintendo 2DS looks like a dated concept that reminds us of the original Gameboy Advance, which hit the market more than a decade ago. Even the Gameboy Advance SP was foldable, and that was released roughly 10 years ago.

2. It's More Susceptible To Damage

The Nintendo 2DS doesn't feature a clamshell design, making its screens more vulnerable to damage.  Many people carry their portable gaming consoles in their purses and backpacks, where they're at risk of sustaining scratches and nicks from renegade pens, keys and anything else stuffed in a bag. The 3DS and 3DS XL can both fold shut, protecting their screens from such dangers.

3. It's Too Expensive To Make Sense

The Nintendo 2DS has a launch price of $129.99. Nintendo is also selling its own 2DS carrying cases, priced at $12.99. So $129.99 plus $12.99 brings the total cost to $142.98. If you're going to pay upwards of $140 for a Nintendo 2DS and a carrying case, you might as well put down an extra $30 and get a 3DS, which folds, has 3D tech and more. You can get a 3DS from Walmart for $170 as of this writing.

4. Potentially Disastrous Release Date

The Nintendo 2DS will be released on Oct. 12. That's a month before the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 hits the U.S. on Nov. 15. The Xbox One will also be released this November, though a specific release date has yet to be announced. This means that Nintendo is betting gamers will take a chunk out of the money they set aside for the PS4 and/or Xbox One (as well as PS4/Xbox One games, accessories, etc) to get a watered-down Nintendo 3DS. 

We say "no chance." Big console launches like the PS4 and Xbox One come along once every several years. Nintendo will have to offer a lot more than a scaled-down 3DS to get gamers to shuffle their spending priorities for anything video game-related this fall.

5. Where's The Black 2DS?

Black brings several ideas to mind: formal, business, solemn, intimidating. The Nintendo 2DS on the other hand, will be shipping in two colors not including black: red and blue.

Gaming is no longer an activity dominated by young children. Those years are long gone. If you want to make your console appealing to adults (who have a lot more money to spend than kids do), you have to make it look like something that'll fit in with the rest of their gadgets. Most gaming consoles, including the 3DS, PS4, PSP, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, at least include black as an option. Red and blue will stick out like weeds in a sea of black gizmos, which may give prospective 2DS buyers some pause.

What do you think? Do you think the Nintendo 2DS will succeed or fail? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.