Nissan Hybrid Ellure
Nissan unveils hybrid Ellure concept Company handout

Nissan Motor Co has unveiled the concept of its hybrid model Ellure, a vehicle that embraces its 'sedan-ness' with a more traditional profile and a modified hybrid drive system that features components from the company's luxury-branded Infiniti M45h.

As an expression of Nissan's long-term vision of a next generation of sedans, Ellure introduces a new sedan design language - one that honors the sedan's unmatched daytime functionality, yet has a more emotive, almost hidden ambience that comes to life after dark.

It's an ideal fit for the needs of its projected owners, women in their '30s and '40s with a sense of sophistication and rebellion, Chief Creative Officer, Shiro Nakamura said.

The Ellure Concept's exterior is highlighted by a deeply skirted front fascia, large 90-degree opening doors with rear-hinged rear doors for full panoramic interior access, a full-length tinted glass roof, and special 'Geode' White tri-coat mica paint.

The dramatic lounge-inspired interior is completely made of eco-materials. Besides this, touch screen displays, hidden electronics, a 'floating' sculptural center console and red recessed lighting adorn the inside of the car.

While not intended as a preview of any upcoming production model, Ellure confirms Nissan's intention to be a strong player in the sedan segment for many years to come, said Nakamura.