Players of Hello Games’ “No Man’s Sky” will be able to connect to each other across different platforms. This June 11, the game will join the Xbox Game Pass program for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

According to the developers, players will be able to connect to each other whether they are on VR, PS4, PC, Windows 10 or GoG. This update will also mark "No Man's Sky's inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass, which will also officially allow a greater number of people to join the game – even those playing on the Xbox network.

The developers have been working on the Game Pass inclusion and cross-play capabilities as part of a series of updates they have released for the game. Tim Woodley, head of publishing, said that the developers have been “quietly reworking the networking back-end of the game.” It was to bring all versions of the game on different platforms together to form one “single multiplayer base.”

This brings the additional benefit of being able to connect with other people who were previously unavailable. It also means that other people – specifically those playing on consoles – will be able to see what PC gamers have created in their respective playthrough and vice versa. They will also be able to see the structures these players have created on their respective planets.

The update will also include a few general improvements to the game. This includes speech-to-text, improvements to game lobbies and fireteams, and a collection of other general tweaks and patches to VR, multiplayer, and the game.

According to Forbes, this is a marked improvement for a game which a lot of people have previously given up on. In the last few years, however, developer Hello Games has been quietly working to bring in the promised improvements into the game. This included updates which added a living ship and a giant mech into the game.

The developers are again promising an additional update – an “eventful summer” full of further patches for players. It adds further to the impressive tale of a comeback for this game which was once called “the worst.”

'No Man's Sky' Exocraft
'No Man's Sky' updates are still coming, its developer confirms. No arrival window has been offered, but hints suggest the patch may introduce a pre-release feature. 'No Man's Sky' is available now on PS4 and PC. Hello Games