No Man’s Sky creators at Hello Games are looking to expand their small indie team with new programmers and directors. Following the release of the Path Finder update and recent staff shifts, it appears the Guildford studio is growing. The company’s jobs page lays out the pertinent details.

In terms of openings, there are three gameplay-related positions available. Requests call for experienced technical directors and programmers, with a graduate programmer option in the mid-range. The positions mostly mandate computer science degrees, programming knowledge and experience shipping triple-A games.

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In terms of what these hires mean for No Man’s Sky’s future, it’s admittedly hard to say. That being said, the Experienced Programmer position does make reference to talent “finding and fixing bugs.” At the very least, we’re seeing moves from Hello Games that might lead to more polished patches in the months ahead. While the Path Finder Update was generally appreciated for its new features, it’s taken several separate updates to fully stabilize. Maybe we’ll see less of that incremental revision in the future.

Following the rocky launch of No Man’s Sky last August, Hello Games has pushed through the typical industry practice of layoffs and departures. In January, programmer Harry Denholm left the company to “take better care of himself.” Last November, longtime designer Gareth Bourn joined Star Citizen developers, Foundry42. While these changes may seem alarming to diehard fans, the fact that replacements are on the way could be seen as a positive.

No Man’s Sky was one of 2016’s most-hyped and possibly most-disappointing games. After years of grand visions, the shipped product failed to meet the wild expectations of its passionate followers. Updates have added new modes, vehicles and mechanics since launch, but, in most cases, the damage has had a lasting impact.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4 and PC.

Are these new hires a good sign for No Man’s Sky’s future? Might we already be seeing indicators of the developer’s next big game? Tell us in the comments section!