• Anna Choudhary’s father and sister were also sentenced to prison
  • The "trust game" led to the victim being tied up and tortured
  • The body was buried behind Choudhary's father home

A North Carolina woman was sentenced to 40 years in prison for being involved in a "trust game" murder with her father and sister. 

Anna Choudhary, a 33-year-old woman from Boone, North Carolina, was sentenced in McDowell County Circuit Court on Wednesday after being found guilty of second-degree murder of John McGuire in 2019 in West Virginia, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported.

The remains of McGuire, who was a 38-year-old man from Owatonna, Minnesota, was uncovered months later in a shallow grave at Choudhary’s father Larry McClure Sr.'s residence in Skygusty in McDowell County.

Choudhary's sister Amanda McClure and McGuire were in a relationship, and the couple used to live in Indiana, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported. A testimony stated the couple was having problems with their vehicle due to which Larry and Choudhary drove down to Indiana to bring them to West Virginia.

During this time, the four of them were under the influence of drugs. 

Choudhary stated during her sentencing Larry convinced McGuire to play a “trust game” with them, Associated Press (AP) reported. During the game, McGuire’s feet were tied up, and when he tried to undo the knots, Amanda hit him on the head with a wine bottle.

Larry admitted in a testimony they tortured McGuire over the course of three days. He claimed a garbage bag was wrapped over McGuire’s head at one point, which led to him suffocating. Larry also admitted McGuire’s corpse was buried in the backyard of his house in a shallow grave, AP reported.

The three of them stated over a few days, they dug McGuire’s body out, dismembered it and then buried it again.

Larry, 55, was sentenced to life in prison in August 2020 for first-degree murder without any chance of parole. Amanda, 31, was also sentenced to prison for 40 years for second-degree murder in October 2020.

Following Choudhary's sentencing, McDowell County assistant prosecuting attorney Dennie Morgan said, “I hope we got some sort of justice for the family. At the end of the day, I’m thankful to Judge Kornish that she (Choudhary) got the maximum sentence. She deserved it.”

gavel-3577254_640 Gavel Photo: Pixabay