• David Evans was shot while sleeping in their home on March 22
  • Kristie Evans said she had woken up by a loud popping sound
  • Kristie later confessed to recruiting Kahlil Square to kill David

A wife and her alleged secret lover have been arrested in connection with the death of a pastor who was murdered inside his home in Oklahoma last week.

Kristie Evans, 47, and Kahlil Square, 26, have been charged with first-degree murder for the killing of Harmony Free Will Baptist Church pastor David Evans which took place on March 22. Kristie confessed to her role in the murder, reported The Oklahoman.

Kristie and Square came up with a to murder David, the arrest affidavit says as per NBC. The two started planning the murder while David went on a missionary trip to Mexico in the middle of March.

The document also claims that Kristie and David had secret threesomes with Square at a Super 8 Hotel. However, Kristie and Square decided to enter a secret relationship with one another.

Kristie constantly told Square that David was constantly verbally abusing her. She even told Square that her husband had said she was "fat, ugly, and a whore." Kristie also told Square that she would like it if she had more freedom, the affidavit also claims.

On March 22, Square entered the Evanses' home in the darkness of the night and shot David while he was asleep in bed, the affidavit alleges. David was pronounced dead when the authorities arrived at the scene. Kristie initially claimed that she had woken up after hearing a loud pop sound. She said she had discovered that someone had shot her husband in the head.

But according to special agent Justin Brown, as indicated in the affidavit, Kristie later confessed to her daughter that she had begged Square to kill her husband. Kristie allegedly gave Square the handgun owned by David, along with a box containing a few bullets, then left their backdoor unlocked so Square could come in and execute the plan.

When Kristie Evans heard Square enter the home, she told him to follow through with their plan to murder David Evans.

NBC requested a comment from Kristie's daughter Sunday, but she has not given any response.

This is a representative image of a handgun. Handgun Photo: Reuters