A North Carolina man who was arrested for exceeding speed limits is now facing murder charges after a dead body of a reported missing woman was found in the trunk of the car he was driving.

The man, identified as 32-year-old Lance Gordon, who hails from Raleigh, was a registered sex offender. He was stopped around 4 p.m. Friday (April 24) by a state trooper with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol for speeding in Edgecombe County. He was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant for a felony of probation violation.

On further questioning, Gordon told the officers that the car belonged to an acquaintance of him who was later identified as 47-year-old Angela Mac Lee hailing from Holly Springs.

The officers tried contacting the owner to confirm whether she knew that Gordon had her car. The authorities failed to contact her and got suspicious. The state Highway Patrol contacted the Holly Springs police officers for help to track down Lee.

When the responding officers went to Lee’s home Friday and Saturday they could not find her there. A search warrant was issued for both her home and vehicle.

The officers searched the car that was still in the Edgecombe County following Gordon’s arrest and found Lee’s dead body in the trunk of her car. It is unclear as to how or when Lee was killed, but according to a statement given by the authorities to a local media she was “dead the entire time she was in the truck.”

“I never thought I would have to say RIP! I love you so much mommy,” Lee’s daughter Kayla wrote on her Facebook page.

“You are my world and I don’t know if I can make it without you!! You are all that I have in this world,” the post read.

The Holly Spring police confirmed that Gordon and Lee were acquaintances.

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety records, Gordon at the age of 16 was accused of attempting to sexually assault a woman. He was jailed in 2006, at the age of 18, for attempted rape, assault, and robbery. He was sent on parole in 2017 and was added to the state’s sex offender registry.

He was arrested again in April 2019 after he failed to report a new address as a sex offender. He was charged with a felony probation violation in August 2019.

Gordon was booked into the Wake County Detention Center Sunday. He is charged with murder and felony larceny of a motor vehicle.

This representational image shows a man's handcuffed hands. Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images