The Sioux Falls, North Dakota, police arrested a 51-year-old man Sunday morning after he stabbed a 25-year-old woman and threatened to stab their child with a knife.

The police responded to the victim’s call and reached an apartment in the 300 block of North Kiwanis Avenue, near the intersection of West 8th Street, at about 6:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The accused, identified as Fikru Sutuma Gudeta, was in a relationship with the victim and had a child with her.

"They had some sort of boyfriend/girlfriend argument,” police spokesman Sam Clemens said. "During that argument, he ended up grabbing a knife and threatened her with the knife."

The victim managed to knock the weapon away, but Gudeta immediately grabbed another knife and stabbed her.

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Knife Pixabay

She then fought her way out and managed to call 911 and reported that she was being stabbed. She also reported that Gudeta was threatening to kill their one-month-old child.

Officers rushed to the scene and found Gudeta strangling the victim while on top of her.

“They were able to get him off her, and get them separated,” Clemens added. “She had a cut to her face, to her shoulders and to her neck. Some on her chest as well.”

The child was found unharmed. The victim was rushed to a local hospital and was reported to have survived as there weren’t any life-threatening wounds.

He was charged with domestic aggravated assault, domestic simple assault, interference with emergency communication, abuse or cruelty to a minor younger than 7, and violation of a no-contact order.