Couple on a beach
A couple had to pay a $275 fine after they were charged with disorderly conduct for skinny-dipping at Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts while a wedding reception was being held nearby. In this photo, a kite surfer passes by a couple on the beach in advance of Hurricane Irma's expected arrival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Sept. 8, 2017. Reuters

A wedding reception at Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts was disrupted Saturday when a couple, Zachary Tomko and Holly O’Neil from New Hampshire, was spotted skinny-dipping at the beach, reports said.

They pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct Wednesday for swimming naked while a wedding reception was taking place at the nearby Seaglass Restaurant, according to reports.

The restaurant provides a good scenic view of Salisbury Beach and the Atlantic Ocean and hence it makes for a popular spot for events.

Talking about Seaglass Restaurant, Salisbury police Chief Thomas Fowler said: "It sits very high over the ocean and the back wall is all glass."

"There’s really good views of the ocean, and, in this case, two naked swimmers," Fowler added, according to the Boston Globe.

The couple's nude swimming act had offended not just the wedding reception guests, but also the people walking on the beach.

Fowler said beachgoers and members of the wedding party had called up the police several times complaining about nude swimmers around 4:30 p.m. EDT, the Boston Globe reported.

“Some people called from the beach that were offended, and then a gentleman who was the father of the bride called as it was offensive to some people in the wedding party,” Fowler said.

Much to the shock of the wedding guests, Tomko and O’Neil stripped down next to the venue and hit the water.

"It’s not the middle of the summer, it’s not warm but good for them for braving the cold water," said Leah Allen, the bride, according to WHDH, an independent news outlet in Boston.

However, she said that the skinny-dipping couple did make it a "really interesting wedding day" for them.

Meanwhile, the couple said that they were not even aware that the building nearby was a restaurant. "I didn’t know that building was a restaurant. I just thought it was a pier, and I thought, 'Oh, here’s a spot where we can hide and take our clothes off,'" said Tomko.

"Come to find out the cops said, 'Yup, there’s a restaurant right here and there’s a wedding going on,' I said, 'Oh,'" Tomko added.

When Tomko was informed that Allen credited him and his partner for making her wedding day memorable, he said: "I’m glad I made her night, hope it was a special night and glad it gave her a good memory."

Police said that the couple did not pose further problems after they were caught. "They were cooperative," Fowler said, according to The Boston Globe.

"It did cause a little bit of annoyance and alarm, and that’s why they were charged," he added.

Fowler also said that these type of skin-baring acts are usually not seen on Salisbury Beach. In his five-plus years on the job, the police chief hadn't dealt with such an incident on Salisbury Beach, which is public. He also hoped that other beachgoers aren't inspired by the bare-skinned antics of the New Hampshire couple.

"I’m sure there are beaches that encourage this elsewhere," he said.