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  • Two health workers are accused of abusing an elderly patient with dementia
  • Police reportedly received a tip from an employee of a senior living facility
  • Authorities called the behavior of the two workers "disgusting"

Two health workers in Florida are facing charges after being accused of abusing an elderly patient with dementia in a senior living facility.

Shy'Tiona Bishop, 20, and Jada Harris, 18, both nursing assistants at Market Street Memory Care, were arrested last week.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office said they received a tip from an employee of the facility that the health workers live-streamed themselves while mocking an elder, NBC News reported.

The authorities obtained four videos of the incident, which were posted on Snapchat under the username "Pr3ttyassjadaa."

In the first video, the victim was heard screaming, "No," while in the bathroom. Harris was holding an adult diaper, and Bishop was holding a blanket.

"Harris states, 'this is so embarrassing,' and requests that Bishop 'get the live.' Bishop grabs the cell phone and states, 'everyone is laughing,' and focuses the camera towards Harris and [the victim]," the affidavit stated, per Law and Crime.

The second clip showed Harris picking up the cell phone while saying, "This is so embarrassing, I'm sorry y'all, she's embarrassing," while the victim could still be heard yelling at the two healthcare workers.

As the victim walked out of the bathroom, she allegedly called one of the workers "son of a b---h." Harris laughed and said to the camera, "There she goes...look at her f---ing peeing."

In the third video, the victim banged on the door as Harris and Bishop were locked in the victim's private bathroom. Harris allegedly said the victim was a "psycho or something" and that she experienced this scenario every night.

In the final video, the cell phone was set up in the victim's private bedroom. The elder was heard saying, "Help me," to which Bishop allegedly responded, "Ain't no help for you." She walked toward the bed while saying, "You [are] making me mad now. Let's go."

The victim allegedly attempted to grab Harris' phone, but the health worker pulled the device away and read several comments from the live stream, which included, "Lock her in the closet."

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey condemned the behavior of the two health workers and called it "disgusting."

"I've asked our team to make sure they work closely with the state attorney's office and the judicial system to make sure that these two can never be involved in any type of health care again in their lives," Ivey said in a video posted on Facebook.

The women face charges of video voyeurism and abusing a disabled adult or elderly person. Harris was also charged with interception or disclosure of wired communications.

On Saturday, the two were released from jail after posting a bond, and they were scheduled to appear in court next month.

The police said the victim is safe and now under the supervision of "true professional healthcare workers."

Market Street Memory Care stressed that the action of their former employees did not conform with their standards and would not be tolerated.

"Our mission is to welcome, care and serve our elders. Our facility should stand as a beacon of quality senior living, where a sense of family is created by servant leaders. What occurred in this incident goes against our facility standards in every possible way," the facility said in a statement obtained by WFTV Channel 9.

An advocate for elders said such incidents are unusual, but families should ensure that their loved ones are treated properly in the elderly facilities.

"Visit frequently, see how they are doing. Talk to them. Make sure that you have a relationship with the staff where you can go up and ask them to address a concern right away," Danica Scuderi-Carluccio of Advocates for the Aging, Inc. told WESH 2 News.

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