Its easy to drive over the speed-limit, but now the city New York is taking some creative measures to get drivers to slow down.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced two new programs to decrease traffic related deaths, including a new traffic sign with a skeleton that flashes when people are speeding.

The message is speeding kills. And we need to take it seriously. If you are hit by a car going even 10 miles over the city's posted limit of 30 miles per hour there is a 70 percent chance a pedestrian will die. If you maintain the speed limit of 30 miles per hour, there's an 80 percent chance the pedestrian will live, City Department of Transportation Commissioner Jeanette said.

The new signs will not only display the speed limit , but will also alert drivers when they exceed that limit by flashing a SLOW DOWN and showing a skeleton.

The mayor also announced another program, which would lower the speed limit in the city's busiest neighborhoods. The first change, according to NY1, will be a 20 MPH from 30 MPH decrease in the Claremont section of in the Bronx.