mothers day
Mother’s Day cupcakes. Wikimedia Commons

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Twitter users are busy tweeting out some of the most bizarre gift ideas for the occasion. #OddMothersDayGifts was trending as of Wednesday, 6 a.m. EST.

The gift ideas are endless, but some of them were eye-catching enough to qualify as adorable yet freaky at the same time.

A large number of twitter users seemed concerned about their mothers’ love-life and hence wanted them to have a good time on Mother’s day. Hence, some of the sexually-creative gift ideas included “vibrator”, “condoms,” “lap dance” and so on.

Twitter user Smartycat wrote: “#OddMothersDayGifts skimpy lingerie and a hotel room key”

There were others who focused on taking their mothers back to her childhood. “A coffee mug that says, "Daddy's Girl”,” suggested Twitter user Kitty, while another user, Steve Hatcher, wanted to go with the latest Star Wars merchandize for their favorite person in the world.

Some just wanted to get on their mothers’ nerves by giving them gifts that would either be useless, were boringly obvious, or make them shed tears in anger. While the following gift ideas may be amusing to the one who has planned, they are more likely to make the receiver frown.

Then there were contradicting gift ideas. While some of the Twitter users wanted to remind their mothers what a lovely blessing it was to have children by wrapping up their baby teeth and leaving them at their doorstep (as creepy as it might sound!) there were those who were quite certain that their life-givers would prefer to forget the day that they became mothers.

Many of the sons and daughters were keen on giving their mothers a heart attack by telling them they were going to move back in with them as well as dumping a huge heap of dirty laundry on their doorsteps Twitter user Mimi is in favor of getting her mother drunk before breaking the news to her.

There were also gift ideas that were way past the “odd” genre and read more like crude jokes. While some made indirect references to the failing physical appearances of their mothers, others sarcastically made fun of their mothers’ problem of alcoholism.

The classic daddy issues and marital problems also found a place in the odd Mother’s Day gift ideas. A change of husband emerged as a popular theme, even though it takes on a rather serious tone than the commonly found odd gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

However, not all of the odd gift ideas were borderline bizarre. There were some which actually had the potential of bringing tears of joy in one’s mother’s eyes. Coincidences like finding out that her child is going to make her a grandmother or the fact that she is soon going to get a daughter-in-law can do wonders to the spirit of a mother, that is of course, if one does not add a "just kidding" at the end.

Twitter users also could not resist linking the solemn occasion of Mother’s Day to the political unrest currently surrounding President Donald Trump’s America. From the iconic red campaigning hat of Trump to the very ideals he represents, the users got creative in their own way.

Other than these, there were several other gift ideas that made for an interesting read on social media.