Only one day the fallen police officer Peter Figoski's funeral was held, the five suspects charged with his death are due in court.

Lamont Pride, the shooter, Kevin Santos, Ariel Tejada, Nelson Moralez, and Michael Velez are all expected to be arraigned on Tuesday, reported NY1. All five are charged with murder.

Family, friends and thousands of police officers gathered in Long Island yesterday in order to say goodbye to the 22-year police veteran. Figoski was posthumously promoted to police detective first grade. Mayor Bloomberg spoke to the friends, family and supporters honoring the Figoski.

It's incomprehensible that someone like Pete who gave so much to so many could have his life taken from him, said Bloomberg, according to NY1. But the only thing that does make sense is that on Pete's final run, he was called in as a backup. Because Pete always had your back.