Taco Bell
A woman was subdued by a cop with a taser at a Taco Bell. Here, a Taco Bell fast food restaurant is seen in New Carrollton, Maryland, December 31, 2014. Getty Images

A woman was tased by a police officer at a Taco Bell branch in Oklahoma, officials said.

Zette Lea Madden, 52, was arrested Tuesday after she allegedly harassed and threatened employees at an Oklahoma City Taco Bell with a tire iron, NewsOK.com reported. Madden apparently visited the fast-food restaurant with a tire iron that she used to shatter the branch's drive-thru menu sign. Madden, thereafter, chased restaurant employees around the building and intimidated them with a tire iron as she demanded money.

Madden also allegedly used the tire iron to destroy cash registers and break down the glass doors at the Taco Bell's entrance, workers said. Employees, therefore, alerted police to the scene to provide assistance in handling Madden as she ran rampant in the store with what they initially thought to be a crowbar.

"I've got a woman with a crowbar right now, she's breaking my window and my store," the Taco Bell's manager said to a police dispatcher, according to audio obtained by KOKH. "She's taking a crowbar to my building right now — I just pulled up and seen it. She's a white woman. She lives in a car on the side of the road."

"She's chasing my employees in the store. She's breaking down my front windows," the female manager added.

The dispatcher asked if the woman's employees were safe, but the manager responded: "No, they're inside the store. She's busting down all my windows."

Body cam footage of the incident, which was released Thursday by the Oklahoma City Police Department, showed an officer approaching the Taco Bell with a taser in hand. The officer repeatedly requested for Madden to "drop the bar," but she refused.

From a safe distance, he used his taser to subdue her. The officer then proceeded to handcuff Madden as she lay on her stomach.

Madden is being held at the Oklahoma County Jail in lieu of $22,000 on four felony charges, including for destruction of property and robbery in the first degree, KFOR reported. Prior to Tuesday's incident, Madden previously engaged with Taco Bell employees after trespassing into the restaurant in an attempt to steal soda.