• Todd Blevins' body was found in the basement of their home
  • His body was tied up, wrapped in a tarp and covered in concrete
  • Rebecca Harris was charged with murder and abuse of a corpse
  • She confessed to shooting Blevins while he was trying to choke her

A 28-year-old Ohio woman has been accused of fatally shooting her husband and then covering his body in concrete.

Rebecca Harris, 28, was arraigned in Mansfield Municipal Court Wednesday on charges of murder and abuse of a corpse, reported local news outlet WBNS.

Lexington police received a missing person report for 38-year-old Todd Blevins around 10:45 a.m. Tuesday. Officers spoke to Harris, Blevin's wife, who seemed to be cooperative at first. But then she asked the officers to leave their residence while she picked up her children from school.

"Throughout the course of the investigation, information was gained that the missing man's wife may have had knowledge of his disappearance. Contact was made with the wife at the couple's residence," Brett Pauley, Lexington police chief, said in a statement as per Mansfield News Jornal.

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"At first she was cooperative with officers and allowed them inside their home, but ended the contact and asked them (police) to leave while she picked up her children from school," Pauley said further.

"Officers then went outside and secured the house while a search warrant was requested. After getting the warrant, officers entered the residence and found the man deceased in the basement," he added.

Blevins' body was found tied up and wrapped in a tarp. There was recently poured concrete on the body.

Harris was taken into custody Tuesday night, police said. She is said to have confessed to shooting her husband in the head while he was attempting to choke her in bed on April 18.

According to the police report, Harris contacted her father a day after the murder, asking him to watch the children. The suspect's dad ended up keeping the children overnight.

On April 22, Harris told her dad that she needed to unload her chest freezer as it was broken. When her dad arrived at her home, however, she did not let him inside. The following day, a child who lived in the home said their basement smelled bad.

The suspect also purchased concrete from Lowe's.

"The body was placed in the corner of the basement where she intended on hiding the body by using concrete. She hoped that she could maintain that Blevins had simply left and hide the murder," the police report said.

Police had also received an anonymous call from a woman who wanted to report a suspected homicide. The caller said she believed the victim had been murdered by Harris, adding that a juvenile who lived in the house had reported the smell from the basement. She said the victim's truck was still on his property.