OK Go in their new music video "Needing/Getting," a project made with Chevy Sonic. A short version of the video aired as a commercial during Sunday's Super Bowl. Screen Capture

OK Go and Chevy hit all the right notes on Super Bowl Sunday.

First airing as a spot celebrating the 2012 Chevy Sonic's firsts (Sonic's First Drive, Sonic's First Kickflip, Sonic's First Bungee), Needing/Getting is the new car's First Music Video.

And like its visual predecessors (think treadmills, Rube Goldberg), the new OK Go music video does not disappoint.

Lead singer Damian Kulash (who took stunt driving lessons for the feat) is in full command, twisting and turning the Chevy Sonic to hit the right instrument at just the right time.

According to the band's YouTube page, the video took four months of preparation, four days of shooting, more than 1,000 instruments, the California desert and a Chevy Sonic.

There are pianos, guitars, nails sticking out of a board, a long overhead apparatus filled with trinkets and tires, large buckets with holes, trumpets, balloons, metal rods and of course, the vocals (Kulash and bandmates Tim Norwind, Dan Knopka and Andy Ross).

It consumed my whole life for four months . . . I don't even remember having a life outside of that. It was such a surreal world. Everyone who came out to help for a day or two was like 'I can't believe you built such an insane wonderland in the desert,' Kulash recently told MTV Buzzworthy.

Since making its Super Bowl debut, the video has received more than 2 million views on YouTube.

The ambitious spectacle in Needing/Getting is nothing new to the band. OK Go first made headlines in 2006 with their music video for Here It Goes Again, a perfectly timed spectacle of four men dancing, singing and jumping on treadmills. The video has since been viewed by more than 50 million people online.

OK Go followed up with This Too Shall Pass in 2010, featuring an intense Rube Goldberg machine over two floors of a warehouse. The video, which has received more than 33 million views on YouTube, won several awards that year, including Video fo the Year at the UK Music Video Awards and the Special Achievement Award for Film and Video Artist of the Year at the 14h Annual Webbys.

In September 2010, the band also released the video for White Knuckles, a stunt with professionally trained dogs and moving furniture.

Needing/Getting is the sixth release from OK Go's third studio album, Of the Blue Color of the Sky.

Scroll down to watch OK Go and Chevy team up for Needing/Getting.

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