As countries continue to confirm cases of the concerning Omicron variant, the Biden administration announced Friday that they will ship out 11 million Covid-19 vaccines globally, part of President Joe Biden’s commitment to send out over 1 billion doses around the world.

According to White House coordinator Jeffrey Zients, the shipment of 11 million doses in one day is “more doses shipped by the U.S. in a single day than what all but seven other countries have delivered in total since the start of this pandemic.”

"The president has been clear from the start,” Zients said. “If we want to protect the American people and our economy, we must defeat the virus everywhere."

Of the total doses being shipped, nine million will be sent to Africa. The rest will be sent to other countries around the world.

While discussing his plan to limit infections in light of Omicron, Biden made clear that the agenda “doesn’t include shutdowns or lockdowns”, instead “widespread vaccinations and boosters and testing a lot more."

“Let me be clear: Not a single vaccine dose America ever sends to the rest of the world will ever come at the expense of any American,” President Joe Biden said Thursday. "America is doing our part, and we'll do more. But this is a global pandemic, and everyone needs to fight it together.”


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