A young girl, 7, is dead and a younger boy, 4, is missing after they and a man who was holding them were swept to sea in Falcon Cove, an area northwest of Portland, Oregon, on Saturday. Police were able to retrieve the man and the girl, but the boy could not be found. The two were taken to a hospital where the young girl was pronounced dead.

The relationship between the man and the two children is unknown at this time, as are the names of all three. The man is currently being treated in hospital and his condition has not been disclosed. The search for the boy was suspended at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

The incident occurred at around 12:38 p.m. in the coastal area, roughly 80 miles from Portland. The National Weather Service had issued a high surf warning for the coast in Oregon, its highest alert for wave conditions, with some forecast to reach as high as 25 feet. The Falcon Cove area was also experiencing the phenomenon of extraordinarily high tides known as “King Tides.”

Despite these dangerous conditions, it has been reported that many were heading to the coast to observe these massive and tumultuous waves. It is unknown if this was the reason that the man and the two children were visiting Falcon Cove on Saturday.

“The public is urged to stay away from jetty’s and rocks during these dangerous surf conditions,” the Pacific Northwest Coast Guard said in a tweet.