• "One Piece" Chapter 1006 focuses on Hyougorou
  • The manga installment is titled "Hyogoro of the Flower, The Chivalrous"
  • The new chapter is set to arrive on March 17

"One Piece" Chapter 1006 showcases the years of experience and the amazing power of Marco the Phoenix as he single-handedly fights two Calamities simultaneously.

"One Piece" Chapter 1006 raw scans are now available, thanks to the ever-reliable insiders in the community. In the Live Floor, Marco is fighting King the Conflagration and Queen the Plague at once. Apparently, Hyougorou is infected by the Ice Oni plague, which allows him to revert to his muscular body.

The virus appears to bring out all the infected's strength, causing them to wreak havoc before they die. The spoilers also reveal that although the former Yakuza boss is attacking enemies, Queen the Plague attempts to shoot him with a laser beam coming from his mouth. Marco sees this and lands a strong kick on Queen's neck using his Houou attack.

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King witnesses this and slices one of Marco's wings. Apparently, Marco just grows a new wing and launches a forceful Blue Bird flame attack against King, sending the All-Star flying and crashing into the wall. King tries to get up but Marco is persistent and hurls another devastating attack called Ongul or Crane's Claw, kicking the Calamity once again. Eventually, Marco becomes exhausted and a little bit bloody.

While the exchange of powerful blows is taking place in Onigashima, it looks like the entire island has not yet landed. According to the spoilers, it is still flying with Fujiyama, visible from a distance. The full moon covered by the clouds feebly shines outside the castle.

"One Piece" Chapter 1006 spoilers also show Carrot and Wanda in their normal mink forms. Both have been defeated by Perospero and are now on the ground fenced by candy spears and poles.

Elsewhere in the manga, Chopper is still working on the Ice Oni antidote. With Hyougorou already acting weird and wanting to off himself, X Drake is the only one left protecting Chopper.

Will Chopper develop the antidote just in time and save the dying Hyougorou?

There will be no break next week, which means the next manga installment drops as scheduled.

"One Piece" Chapter 1006, titled "Hyogoro of the Flower, The Chivalrous," arrives on March 17.